Sunday, 13 April 2014

Words in Motion- Feature Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month


Here, right here…
The river breathes with everything we are,
Where tears and dark secrets are told freely and
Kept within its vault of eternal silence.
            Each passage of time is golden
            And every moment is divine.
Here, right here…
My will is planted upon the stillness
Of my solitude.
The air is crisp and honestly benign,
Where my reflection and the river
Quietly entwine.
            The stars cannot move me.
Here, I am awake…
Like a crow preparing its sacred
Prayers to the sun, to inherit the
Warmth of the seas, upon its fragile
Knees, before the grim cold days shall come,
            The light will guide me.
It matters not where I am.
In this equation of space- amidst the
Trees, at the edge of the river, beside a
Cliff or amongst the lazy nocturne haze…
Like each of us that exist and breathe,
            I am one under the sun.
Here, right here…
Each passage of my time is golden and
Every moment is divine.
The stars cannot move me. I am awake
And the light shall guide me. I am one
Under the sun.
Life’s battle is won.
Breathe. Live.

Reinalie Jorolan

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