Tuesday, 29 April 2014

National Canadian Film Day

April 29th is the first official National Canadian Film Day!

Celebrate Canada  a day to throw off the shackles of fear and insecurity, stand together with Canadians from coast to coast and pat ourselves on the back for something other than various ice-related sports and sports-related doughnut shops. (Not that we don’t love ice-related sports and doughnuts.)ur national consciousness, a wake-up call to anyone who has not yet been exposed to the great cinematic stories we tell one another in this cold, vast country.

Tuesday, April 29 2014

Bob Lamb Bldg – Room 234

8 – 10pm

We will be featuring “Trailer Park Boys: The Movie” as well as the short film “The Cat Came Back“.

We will also be providing Pizza, Wings and Pop for everybody in attendance!

Free to Attend!

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