Thursday, 20 May 2010

Canadian Tire Jump Start Program

Hello Everyone,

Do you have families struggling with registration fees? We have a way to help!

We would like to advertise that there is a program called the Canadian Tire Jump Start Program which can assist low income families with registration costs for leisure activities.

An application form can be found at the website below or you may contact Roxanne Andras for more information. The application form can be filled out and returned to The Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers Big Sisters. We can then process your application to assist in costs for youths leisure needs.

Deadline for applications is May 31st. Please apply as soon as possible.

Please see the website below for more information on this great opportunity.

Thank you,

Roxanne Andras
Coordinator - Parks, Recreation & Culture
Community Services Department
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
T 780.788.4344
C 780.598.9738
F 780.788.4393

9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 2K4

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Haxton to House Municipal Programming

A new team of students will be offering programming in the community this summer – and they’ll have a new home base from which to do it.

RMWB Programs, a sub-unit of Parks, Recreation & Culture, set up shop in the Haxton Centre this week and began the work of organizing summer opportunities for local residents.

“We try to utilize all the parks within the municipality and provide programming to residents of all ages,” explained Roxanne Andras, recreation coordinator and a member of the RMWB Programs Advisory Committee.

“We do have a lot of programs that target the youth and younger kids, but we’re trying to program for all ages, including adults and seniors, this year.”

The 10-member student force will be led by team leaders Megan Brushett and Jillian Smith. The advisory committee – Roxanne Andras, Julie Coldwell, Michelle Dooley, Connor Buchanan and Deanne Lawrence – will provide oversight.

“The Haxton Centre will be the main hub,” said Dooley of the facility located within Borealis Park in downtown Fort McMurray. “We wanted to make the most of that space. It’s kind of in the hub of downtown. It’s a prime spot for youth to gather.”

As well as providing recreational opportunities, the team will add a cultural component. Craft clubs and even a June book swap are in the plans along with such events as skater jams.

Written and photographed by, the Communication Department of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Article taken from the Municipal Electronic Publication,"In Touch".

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Remarkable and Uplifting Performances"

Above Image was taken from the Monday May 3, 2010 addition of the Today publication.

A letter from Helen H. a local Fort McMurray resident, came to my email this morning. She attended the May 2nd performance by the African Children's Choir and wanted to share the experience.

Helen Writes:

The African Children’s Choir gave two remarkable and uplifting performances in Fort McMurray on Sunday, May 2.

The energy was high from the moment the children danced their way onto the stage. They performed a mixture of Gospel and African music, to the beat of African drums. The costumes were colourful and exotic, complete with hats, grass skirts, and leg coverings for some numbers. The choir performed several well choreographed numbers, and during a costume break, the audience had the opportunity to watch a short film about the Choir and the Music for Life Institute, and hear past choir members tell how the experience changed their lives forever.

The smiles on the children’s faces through the whole performance were so noticeable, as was the obvious joy that the children displayed.

The show closed with the children individually introducing themselves and sharing their personal dream for their own future.

“The Choir shows the world that its members, like the millions of abandoned and traumatized children in Africa, have beauty, dignity and unlimited potential.”

Monday, 3 May 2010

A message from the Library Exhibitors

I recieved the following letter after attending the "Closing Hour" of the Power of the Artist Brush, this past Thursday. The show is great showcase of our local artistic tallent on display until May fifth in the Public Library.

From Left-Right: Margaret Sonnenburg, Uzma Nadeem, Louise van Elenburg

Above: Uzma, Louise and Frederick MacDonald

Above: Garry Berteig and Fred MacDonald

Dear all,

Margaret, Uzma and myself (Louise) would like to thank you for supporting us, either by attending our function in person or supporting us from a distance.
It is very well appreciated.

We had a great crowd of approx. 30 people during the Closing Hour of our exhibition. What became clear last night is that Fort McMurray definitely needs a proper space where local emerging artists are able to show their work year round. The time is right for several artist groups to work towards that goal. We feel fortunate to have two great “mentors” in Fred McDonald and Garry Berteig working with us! Let the Power of the Brush do the job!

If you missed the event or if you want to re-live the evening again, click here:

The exhibition is still open for public viewing at the library until May 5th.
If you are an artist and you like to contribute to lift the art awareness in Fort McMurray in any way, please contact me:

Margaret, Uzma and Louise