Saturday, 30 April 2011

Banff Centre: Work Study Programs

The Banff Centre is now accepting applications for a number of Work Study positions in the Film & Media and Visual Arts departments. The Banff Centre's work study programs offer a range of internship-style opportunities in the arts. These programs provide artists and technical practitioners, at various stages in their careers, with the opportunity to learn and sharpen their production, technical, or administrative skills in a supportive setting.

Media Research Computing Work Study
Application deadline: May 4, 2011
Program dates: May 9, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Cultural Administration Work Study
Application deadline: May 9, 2011
Program dates: May 16, 2011 - February 16, 2012

Line Producer Work Study
Application deadline: May 1, 2011
Program dates: May 16, 2011 - February 16, 2012

Art and Technology Work Study
Application deadline: May 9, 2011
Program dates: May 16, 2011 - September 1, 2011

Interactive Designer Work Study
Application deadline: May 16, 2011 Two positions available:
June 6, 2011 - December 31, 2011
July 4, 2011 - December 31, 2011

Visual Arts Aboriginal Research and Arts Administration Work Study
Application deadline: June 1, 2011
Program dates: August 2, 2011 - April 27, 2012

Visual Arts Aboriginal Studio Work Study
Application deadline: June 1, 2011
Program dates: August 22, 2011 - April 27, 2012

Visual Arts Preparatorial Work Study
Application deadline: May 30, 2011
Program dates: August 29, 2011 - March 2, 2012

Visual Arts Aboriginal Preparatorial Work Study
Application Deadline: June 30, 2011
Program Dates: August 29, 2011 - March 2, 2012

Friday, 29 April 2011

Art Experience: Exhibition at the Community Art Gallery

A message from the WBAF:

Art Experience 2011 was an art event on April 3rd organized by the Wood Buffalo Artists Forum at Mac Donald Island Park. The idea was to create a large puzzle made by the Community. The event was open to Children, Youth and Adults. Everyone was invited to create their own piece of the puzzle expressing themselves with colours. The end result was a collective community art work exhibit in Mac Donald Island Community Gallery.

What does Community mean to you? Was a question asked to everyone before starting their piece of the puzzle. Participants responded to the question saying:

"Friendship & doing things together", Mary John
"Do things for each other", Jehy Thompson
"Have fun", Alisha Malik
"Good people", Hunton Tagg
"Friendly people", Qutub Family

The Art Experience 2011 provided the opportunity to everyone to participate in the creation the one Community piece using art. The energy and creativity demonstrated by all who participated in this event made the project a true celebration of the value of our community. Go and see the photographs of the Art Experience and the final result of the art work at MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery. On show until May 9!

Canadian Public Arts Funders

On April 4, was launched! 

Here is some more info from the new site:
The Canadian Public Arts Funders’ Network (CPAF) grew out of a recognition that public arts funding in Canada could be more effective if arts councils with common goals were better able to share knowledge and learn from each other. Although arts councils in Canada had been meeting informally since the 1970s, the precursor to CPAF—the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Arts Funders (FPTAF)—agreed to explore the possibility of establishing a more formal information-sharing network at their 2002 meeting in Windsor.

At the 2003 National Meeting of FPTAF, participants accepted the Canada Council for the Arts’ proposal to provide human and financial resources for a secretariat to support a new network. The name Canadian Public Arts Funders was later adopted and CPAF held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Winnipeg in 2004. There, members identified the themes they wished to advance. At the 2005 AGM in Regina, members established the governance structure for CPAF and formally launched the network.
Today, CPAF is a forum for the federal, provincial and territorial art councils and equivalent public arts funders to discuss pressing issues facing public arts funders and is an important platform for collaboration. It provides members with networking, information sharing, research and analysis, communications, and professional development services, among others. The CPAF network operates on the premise that strengthening the professional practice of arts councils will in turn strengthen the arts community to the benefit of all Canadians.


Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) is a network that unites and serves the federal, provincial and territorial arts councils and equivalent public arts funders. There is a CPAF member organization in each province and territory in Canada, and the member at the federal level is the Canada Council for the Arts.

The core membership is composed of Chairs and Executive Directors, or their designated representative, at each member organization. Other individuals participate in CPAF events and services by invitation. For more information on our member organizations, please consult the members section of this website.

Mission and Objectives
The mission of CPAF is to foster and support the arts in Canada through cooperation and collaboration of the federal, provincial and territorial arts councils and equivalent public arts funders by:
  • increasing networking and partnership opportunities,
  • sharing information and best practices,
  • commissioning research,
  • improving communications and processes,
  • improving internal competencies through professional development opportunities, and
  • promoting the value of the arts and public funding of the arts to the benefit of the members, the arts community and the general public.
 Read the latest CPAF bulletin for more information at

Boston Pizza introduces - Dine for a Cause

Thursday, 28 April 2011

River Break 2011

The above two photographs I was able to capture on the way home from work on Thursday April 21st, 2011. It was unfortunate that I missed the initial breakup but I was still quite excited that it was still moving until it jammed by the water treatment plant.

The above photo is Fort McMurray in 1997 after river break.
Most rivers flow north to south when spring progresses. Snowmelt, therefore, flows into areas that are already melted by warm spring weather. The Athabasca River adjacent to the Lower Town Site of Fort McMurray is different. It flows south to north. When southern snowmelt enters the Athabasca River, it eventually flows into ice formations further north that have not yet weakened. As it flows downstream (north) some years, it breaks the solid ice, resulting in a dynamic breakup. On other years, it melts the ice and a thermal breakup occurs.
Thermal and Dynamic Break UpsThe type of breakup (thermal or dynamic) is dependent on weather and river conditions. Thermal processes melt the ice cover and weaken it. Contributing factors include: sunshine or wind, increased water or air temperature. Dynamic processes push the ice cover out of its original place. Contributing factors include: increased precipitation, increased water levels, water movement which causes the ice cover to break before it has weakened. Dynamic processes are usually associated with higher flood risk, especially in the Fort McMurray area.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

All Shook Up: Preview Performance Review

Photo Provided By: PHOTOMAGIC Foto Source

Wow, what a night! My toes were tapping and the audience even danced with the cast. The media call performance did not do the entire performance justice. I went with a friend and we both agreed that it was a great girls night out.

The story brought me back to childhood stories of my Dad telling me of segregation and bans on music. It is hard to believe what a free country we live in these days. I am relieved that our Mayor doesn't have such strict rules as did the mayor depicted in the story. It was a pleasant reminder of how far society has come in the last 60 years.

The jukebox musicals songs have a real connection to the surrounding story. The Music and Choreography will not dissappoint. The story is one of twists and turns. It is a story of love, but it is a love that is all mixed up. The ending also will please you, however I don't want to give it away. All Shook Up is about the talent of Elvis and the wonderful performers that brought him back to life through music, dance and of course a love story.

Keyano will be All Shook Up until April 30th. Get a friend or that special someone and go see what All Shook Up is all about. You won't regret it.

Wood Buffalo Country Fair: A Website

The below image was taken from the Community Guide to Recreation, Arts and Culture which is now availible online at:

The Wood Buffalo Country Fair has created a new website. This site has information for participants and exhibitors.  Please visit the site for more information!



Exhibition Opening: Keyano 2011 Art & Design Graduating Class

Keyano Colleges' Art & Design Diploma Program has a new Graduating class of designers and visual artists. This year's graduating class has their final exhibition open now until May 31, 2011. Join the exhibiting artists this Friday for the grand opening at the art gallery located in the lower level of the Keyano Theatre.



Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A weekly electronic newsletter

This Thursday we will be sharing a new name and look for our weekly electronic newsletter! Culture Calls (previously known as Culture E-list or E-Newsletter) has been revamped and re-sized. We've shortened the content and created an online archive of past newsletters in order to decrease the size of our weekly mail out. Click here to visit the municipal Culture site and online archive.

This way we can have timely updates each week without loosing the content! Each week will feature new and pertinent information about local, provincial, national and international Cultural opportunities.

If you haven't added yourself  to the Culture Calls email list already please join us by, emailing a blank message to: with "Culture Calls" in the subject line.



KISS comes to Wood Buffalo

Wood Buffalo set to celebrate on a global stage with Canada ROCKS 2011 featuring legendary rock band KISS

Fort McMurray, AB., April 26, 2010 – Events Wood Buffalo and MacDonald Island Park unveiled major details today for the Canada ROCKS festival taking place on June 30 to July 2, 2011.

The highlight of the weekend will be legendary rock band KISS on Saturday, July 2, one of the world’s most influential bands in the history of rock and roll. With 37 albums over 36 years, more than 80 million albums sold world-wide and over thirty years of record-breaking tours around the globe, residents and visitors will be in for an amazing show.

“KISS is the hottest show on earth and it is taking place in our own backyard,” said Tim Reid, Chief Operating Officer of MacDonald Island Park. “This show will set the stage for years to come as we strive to bring world-class entertainment for our residents and guests.”

Thursday, June 30 includes a free community concert on the main stage featuring Canadian legends ‘Chilliwack’ followed by a musical fireworks display on MacDonald Island Park. Day two, Friday, July 1 will see the annual community parade, family activities and multicultural food pavilion on MacDonald Island Park. That same evening the Newfoundland band ‘The Navigators’ perform on the main stage in a ticketed concert.

“We are thrilled to announce the line-up for this summer’s Canada Day celebrations,” said Claude Giroux, Executive Director of Events Wood Buffalo. “Our mandate is to provide Wood Buffalo residents and visitors the opportunity to celebrate the Big Spirit of our region and host a concert of this magnitude for the first time in Fort McMurray.”

Tickets for both shows will be for sale on May 6, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. either in person at MacDonald Island Park, by phone at 780-791-0070 or online at

For more details on Canada ROCKS visit

DEADLINE TODAY: Artist in Residency

The deadline to submit applications for a the six available studios of the Artist in Residency program; a first in Fort McMurray, is today at 4p.m

Please visit the municipal website for more information:



Saturday, 23 April 2011


Tickets $50 and Men are encouraged to attend. For more information or to purchase tickets contact: Chris Fell at 780 791 0478 or visit

Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm All Shook Up: Media Call Experience

As the holiday approaches I thought I was excited about having a few days off but now I am shook up about seeing Ft Services and Keyano Theatre Companies All Shook Up. I was invited to the media call last night and as this was my first one and I was a little unsure of what to expect.

All Shook Up premiered on Broadway in 2005 and has been well received at theaters across North America. I can see why because last night's performance of Jailhouse Rock got me very excited. It brings me back to my childhood and hearing Elvis on my Dad's Reel to Reel. It provided me with a great preview of what is to come. They took a local spin on the musical setting it in a sleepy little town called Fort McMurray in the time of swiveling hips and blue suede shoes. A time where dancing and kissing in public was frowned upon especially by the mayor. A time where the population was just over 1000, imagine that!

The costuming and set was amazing. The performers came together in a magical way that kept you wanting more. I asked the lead, Jeff Hoffman (Chad) in All Shook Up about the cast dynamic and how was it to working with such a diverse group of performers and this is what he had to say. " There is a wealth of different talents in different fields. It has been a challenge for all of us and it has been an absolute gift to be working with such talented individuals as we have been. It has come together beautifully." Jeff and the entire cast are very excited to be performing in front of a live audience. I am very excited to see the entire performance and will be updating next week when I have experienced it all.

Celebrate your holiday weekend by going to see All Shook Up. Your toes will be tapping and you will leave feeling nostalgic and energized by the cast's enthusiasm and talent.

Opening Night April 22 - Champagne Reception
April 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29 & 30
Show time: 8pm
Matinee April 24 & 30 at 2pm
Rating: General

For more information phone the Keyano Box Office 780-791-4990

Easter Brunches and Activities in Fort McMurray

Just like most weekends in our region, there will be many activities taking place this upcoming long weekend - here are a few Easter festivities that we've found. If you know of any that we've missed please add a comment and fill us in.

1) Keyano Theatre and Ovations Catering presents an Easter Brunch
Join us as Keyano Theatre and Ovations Catering makes your Easter morning complete with wonderful Easter brunch for the family to enjoy. Some food items include various different items like breakfast with Belgian Waffles, Eggs Benedict, bacon and sausages. Various Vegetable and Salads, a Carving Station and Desserts and beverages.
Sunday, April 24 from 10:30am to 1:30pm
Adults: $22.50
Seniors: $17.50
Students: (Ages 13 and Over): $22.50
Children (Ages 5-12): $17.50  Children 4 and under are free

2) Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre
The Nistawoyou Association Centre  is hosting an Elders Turkey dinner Celebration. We are inviting all Elders to attend and join in friendship and food. April 25th Easter Monday at 2 PM

Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre
Address: 8310 Manning Avenue, Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9H 1W1
Phone Number: ( 1 ) 780 - 743 - 8555

3) Borealis Breakfast Club
Join RMWB Programs for the most delicious club around. Borealis Breakfast Club will be held every Saturday morning from 10AM to 11:30AM at the Haxton Centre in Borealis Park. There will be different breakfast items every week plus fun games and activities to follow.
Location: Haxton Centre
For more information please contact the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo at780-799-1144

4) MacDonald Island Easter Buffet
All You Can Eat Buffet! Reservations ONLY at: 10:30 am & 12:45 pm
Including everyone's brunch favourites. Plus... Easter Bunny, colouring contest, and face painting.  Call today to make your reservation! 780-791-0070 x5008
Adults $34.95
Children $11.95
Seniors $22.95

5) Easter Brunch in the Hearthstone.
Join us in the Hearthstone at the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre Fort McMurray this Sunday, April 24 from 10 am to 2 pm for a fantastic Easter Brunch. We will be featuring Candace's own special selection of fresh baked goods from the Hearthstone Bakeshop, a flambe station, an omelette station and many other easter treats. The price for this special Easter Brunch is only $35 per adult. We'll see you there!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

PAAF: Image Comparisons

As promised here are the paired images that participants of the Public Art Action Forum, voted on. I've included them in no particular order. Let us know which of each pair your prefer :) post your responses as comments if you'd like your votes to be added to our total.

1) Architecture: 
Votes: Left 33%  Right: 67%

2) Monuments/Memorials: 
Votes: Top: 31% Bottom: 69%

3) Murals: 
Votes: Left: 44%   Right: 56%

4) Sculpture:
Votes: Top: 74% Bottom: 26%

5) Light/Projection: 
Votes: Top: 75% Bottom: 25%

6) Temporary/Performance:
Votes: Left:38%       Right: 62%

7) Infrastructure
Votes: Left: 74%        Right: 26%

Program Review: Keyano Music & Musical Instrument Repair

Monday, 18 April 2011

Deadline approaching: Artist In Residency

A friendly reminder that the deadline to apply for the first ever Fort McMurray Artist in Residency program is fast approaching. All submission material must be received by 4p.m on Tuesday May 3rd, 2011. This is an extended deadline.

For more information please visit the Municipal website:

The application package can be viewed on via the link above which will take you to the municipal website with a program description, or you can download the application package by clicking on the following link.

Relay For Life: Team Captain's Meeting

There will be a team captain meeting for Relay For Life on April 20th at the Casman Center at 7 pm. It is an info session for team captian or team members or anyone who is interested in signing up a team for relay. You can sign up on-line at as well. Contact information: Krystal at (780) 972-7851 or Shelby at (780) 916-9845 or e-mail

Friday, 15 April 2011

Public Art Action Forum: A Review

Thanks again to Kristy Trinier for facilitating our afternoon discussion and for her wonderful lecture in the evening. Thank you also to the participants of both sessions held at MacDonald Island park. It was wonderful to hear the discussions around the room and to see the excitement of the participants as Kristy shared her experience, knowledge and personal anecdotes. We are currently working to compile the information that was gathered during the afternoon session for review.

For those of you who were not able to attend yesterday's initiative here is a brief recap of the day's events.

From 2 - 4:30 p.m the Public Art Director of the Edmonton Arts Council, Kristy Trinier facilitated a information session and group discussion centred on Public Art and the various policies and practices of contemporary programs. She started the afternoon with a PowerPoint presentation which gave a descriptive history of Public Art as well as contemporary practices, controversies and related policies. With the conclusion of the presentation the participants formed small groups and discussed questions posed by Kristy. The round table discussions were based on a theme, the whole room was given a theme and then each table a specific questions. The themes and questions progressed each time, building upon the responses of the previous. For example:

First Theme: What does our city look like visually right now?
Table 1. What colours/lines/patterns are most visible?

Second Theme: Do you feel and see the culture of your community visually?
Table 1. Does the city visually reflect the people and vitality of our community? If so, how was this connection established? If no, how do you create the connection?

In the room there were seven easels, each easel held a pair of images. Each pair represented two Public Art projects of a similar nature. For example there is an image below of the 'Architecture Pair'. On the left is an image from the Alberta Art Gallery in Edmonton, featuring the creative design of the Randall Stout Architects, Inc. On the right is an image of international artist, Antonia Hirsch's, 'Double Blind' work which is located in Vancouver Community College’s Broadway Campus building. These two images show different ways to engage the interior of a building - for the left project the concept of art was worked into the fabric of the structure, on the rights the work was applied post production in a way that utilizes the space and context of the location. The participants of both the afternoon and evening sessions were given seven tickets each, and were asked to pick one image from each pair that they preferred - dropping their ticket into the envelope below the winning image. Stay tuned - we will tabulate the scores and post the rest of the images on the blog next week.

The 7 - 8:30 p.m session was a second presentation from Kristy, elaborating on the content discussed in the afternoon session. The Public Art Action Forum was filled with discussion, debate, questions, and knowledge building.

Thanks again to the supporters of this initiative: The Wood Buffalo Artists Forum, The Fort McMurray Arts and Craft Guild, Keyano College, Wood Buffalo Big Spirit and Events Wood Buffalo.



Here is an article from last Friday's Today publication. Click on the image to enlarge for easy reading.

Community Learning Network

The Community Learning Network provides leadership, resources, and connections to over 80 Community Adult Learning Councils (CALCs) across Alberta.

Community Adult Learning Councils address the part-time, non-credit learning needs of adults within specified geographic boundaries. Currently over 80 in number, these unique councils consist of representatives of the local community who work together to meet the program goals:

To improve the accessibility of learning opportunities in Alberta's communities, especially for those individuals with special needs or barriers to learning.
To provide opportunities for Albertans to acquire important foundational skills such as literacy and English as a Second Language.
To address education, training and learning gaps in Alberta's communities.
To mobilize community volunteers and other resources in support of learning.
To contribute to solving individual and community problems through learning initiatives, in coordination and cooperation with related organizations.

The Community Learning Network is governed by a Board of Directors elected from Community Adult Learning Council Staff & Board Members and we work with and are supported by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology.

We believe in possibilities.
We respect diversity.
We value adaptive leadership.
We value honesty, integrity and transparency.

Community Learning Network Office
#4 10012 - 29A Avenue
Please note: Our office is on the second floor, and is only accessible by stairs.
Phone: (780) 485-4926
Toll-free: 1-877-485-4926
Fax: (780) 485-4923

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Board Development Program Workshop

Here is an exciting intititatve introduce by the Government of Alberta as a result of the October to December 2010 Regional Dialogue Sessions between Lindsay Blackett and the arts and nonprofit sectors of various communities across AB.

Are you interested in….
Organizing your board's work to avoid volunteer and staff burnout?
Building an effective board/staff/volunteer team?
Developing policies that assist in decision-making?
Clarifying the ethical and legal responsibilities of board leadership?
Consider a Board Development Program Workshop.
Designed to build the governance skills of not-for-profit boards, this "hands on" workshop lets you apply new ideas immediately! You will also take away "tools" to implement an action plan.

Workshops are delivered by trained volunteers who bring their knowledge of and experience in board leadership to facilitate the session. Workshops are held at the dates and location of your choice. Except for booking a suitable facility and equipment, and providing refreshments, there are no costs to your organization.

For more information, contact the Board Development Program staff at 780-427-2001 or

Full Moon Cafe Blog

Painting by Margie Cunningham

A great new resource is available for local music lovers - the Full Moon Cafe has started a blog.

With the introduction of a blog residents of Fort McMurray now have a place to go to keep up to date with the goings-on of this wonderful Wood Buffalo initiative. The site has pictures, a description of the group, dates and location of the upcoming Full Moon Cafe sessions and more.

For those of you who follow local blogs I would suggest you add this one to your blog roll:



All Shook Up

FT Services and Keyano Theatre Company presents All Shook Up

All Shook Up is a jukebox musical filled with Elvis Presley tunes. Author Joe DiPietro sets the play in a dreary little town in 1955 where Natalie, a young mechanic, is dreaming of love and adventure. She falls for an outsider named Chad who is a hip-swiveling, guitar-playing, motorcycle-riding rebel. When Chad asks about any excitement in town, he's told that excitement is outlawed under the Mayor's strict rules:no loud music, no indecent behavior. Chad promises to breathe some life into this sad, small town. When he touches a broken-down jukebox, it lights up and begins to play - sending the townsfolk into a frenzy. Will the power of music overrule the Mayor? Will true love prevail for Natalie and Chad? Will this small town survive getting All Shook Up?

April 21(Preview), 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 2011 at 8pm
Matinee - April 24 & 30 at 2pm
April 22 - Opening Night Reception

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Keyano's VPA Presents: Spring Concert

You are invited to attend Keyano College's annual Spring Music Concert.

A tradition that began some 25 years ago, Keyano College students, staff and community members who love to sing and play instruments will put on a show for Fort McMurray.

Tuesday, April 12 at 8pm
Adults: $12
Students and Seniors: $7

Friday, 8 April 2011

How do we introduce Public Art?

There are several Municipal and Provincial Government documents that support the growth of culture initiatives as a way of increasing quality of life for Albertans. Public art programs are a key piece in developing a holistic cultural structure for any flourishing community. Each community has the opportunity to approach public art in their own way – now it’s our turn. The direction for developing a Municipal Public Art Program here will be given by the residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. There are several popular approaches to the development of a Public Art Program, all of which include the extensive involvement of and ownership by local residents.

The first step towards introducing public art works in our region is to understand the needs of the community and to translate those needs into the basic principles for a program. The second step is the creation of a volunteer Public Art Committee. Members of such a Committee would include a private citizen, artists, art professionals (arts administrators, curators, historians, architects, landscape architects etc.) a developer, and a citizen at large and other ad hoc members as necessary. The Public Art Committee will collectively represent a vision for public art within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and must function at a high level of professionalism and civic leadership.

For more information about the structure and development of our own unique Municipal Public Art Program, attend the Public Art Action Forum on April 14, 2011.

For more information click here to visit the Municipal web page for the Public Art Action Forum.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Keyano College VPA presents: Keyano A-Go-Go

Keyano A-Go-Go is the annual event featuring the Keyano Jazz Ensemble performing pop, rock, and funk tunes from the 50's to the present, and showcasing special guest vocalists.

There is a club atmosphere, including bar and dance floor.  Go-Go boots are encouraged! All ages are welcome

Saturday, April 09 at 8pm

Adults: $12
Students and Seniors: $7

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Why introduce public art into our region?

Introducing public art allows the residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to take pride and ownership of their community and their community’s identity. Works of public art have the potential to provide landmarks and define meeting places. The development of public places provides opportunities for cultural interaction and celebration. Local heritage may be reflected through permanent or temporary art works and adds to the character of a place. Works that reflect the unique identity of our community have the potential to provide a collection represents “us” through works that residents can identify as “ours”. These pieces can improve our quality of life and express our unique history, culture, and community spirit.

A Public Art Program can stimulate the public and private sectors by creating common planning and design objectives when developing plazas, parks and open spaces, streetscape elements, etc. In cities with successful public art programs, the private sector has embraced public art as a vehicle to enhance their own image in the marketplace, while providing amenities for their employees and residents to enjoy. Inclusion of public art can increase the marketability and economic value of a project, and is often used as a ‘branding’ tool. Public art gives meaning to a place by interpreting the social, historical, cultural and natural environment. It is a vital ingredient in the cultural fabric and streetscape of any dynamic region. With the ability to reflect the identity of a place, give voice to a community, and build relationships between diverse groups, a Public Art Program is an opportunity for growth and development.

For more information about the structure and development of our own unique Municipal Public Art Program, attend the Public Art Action Forum on April 14, 2011.

For more information click here to visit the Municipal webpage on the Public Art Action Forum.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Launch of a new journal: Cultural Policy Update (CPU)

Cultural Policy Update (CPU) is an international e-journal of the Boekman Foundation.  The Boekman is a Study centre for arts, culture and related policy. The Boekman Foundation collects and disseminates knowledge and information about the arts and culture in both policy and practice. It stimulates research and the development of opinion on the production, distribution and take-up of the arts and on national and international policy on the arts and culture. This journal of theirs is a great resource for learning about cultural policy within the global arena. The publication cover policies, practices, opportunities and research in the area of Culture. I really enjoy reading this publication and I hope you do to. If you enjoy the sections of the articles that I have below and want to read the entire volume you can download it for free from the site.

The below information was taken from the Boekman Foundation website and the Cultural Policy Update, vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 2011.
Cultural Policy Update (CPU) is an international e-journal reflecting on recent development in cultural policies. CPU aims to stir up the worldwide debate about changes in art support systems due to globalization, economic crises, new market opportunities et cetera. It serves as a platform for new points of view and arguments. CPU contains essential reading for cultural policy makers, researchers, students, art lovers, cultural workers and professionals with an interest in arts and culture. It is published by the Boekman Foundation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The below are two sections from CPU vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 2011

Supporting the arts in spinning times
In large parts of the world culture and cultural policies are under pressure. To resist the gloom of recession, old mindsets must be relinquished and replaced by new, positive ways of thinking. Now more than ever, an exchange of arguments and analyses is at the fore. In this first issue of Cultural Policy Update support models from Europe, Asia and Australia are under scrutiny. The old model of the patron state is wearing out; much is expected from a diversification of funding sources. This includes the use of trading and contracting models, as well as an increase in private support. Besides, new types of investment are in demand. A democratic and dynamic society needs the arts, which should engage with other domains in society. This is where their added value for society lies. Artists, cultural institutions and governments alike have to leave their comfort zone to establish new alliances.
Outside the comfort zone
“In December 2010 Secretary of State for Culture Jeremy Hunt unveiled his new philanthropy strategy which includes an £80 million match funding scheme for donations, fundraising skills development, supporting legacy giving and the development of endowments”. This quotation can be found in the article by Clive Gray and Jennie Jordan who write about the pressure on the system of state support in the United Kingdom. The quotation is at the same time representative of the new ways of looking at the support system in many parts of the world, partly caused by the financial crises, partly because the old models are worn out.

Call for Submission: Art from local students

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is seeking submissions from young artists in our region. As part of the Student Songwriting Project, a CD has been recorded featuring songs written by professional songwriters with students at various schools throughout the Regional Municipality. We are now seeking artwork for the project, with one piece being selected as the cover of the CD. Artwork submissions must be at least 300dpi, in jpeg, adobe or AIFF or high quality digital format (links to online file sharing sites such as Yousendit are also eligible).

Possible themes to consider are:
  • Under the Night Sky
  • The Children are Strong
  • The North Is My Home
Please do not include text in your artwork.

Existing pieces are eligible, and multiple submissions per artist are allowed. The winning cover artist will receive a prize package from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, as well as 10 promotional copies of the CD. This contest is only open to students between the ages of 6-17 who are living in The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 11th, 2011. Please e-mail entries to
Include your name, age and the school you attend.

A Reminder: Artist in Residency

The deadline to apply for the first ever local Artist in Residency program is April 22, 2011.

Click on any of the three images below to go be taken to the municipal website for more information on the opportunity, and how to apply.