Sunday, 6 April 2014

Words in Motion 2014- Feature Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month

One That Got Away

A gaggle of well attired people waiting by the roadside patiently.
Not so young, their clothing and expression weighty.
Staring at the asphalt or vehicles, afraid of any human connection
As they wait for a safe passage to the other side and their destinations.
And then she comes by, 
walking alone to a beat of her own; hesitantly.
Clothed in layers of fabric gossamer, splash of color; treading lightly.
Glances slid her way and away, clearly a misfit shouted the backs.
Missed education, lack of application, life out of whack.
You’d see, if you cared enough to let your gaze linger
Deep crevasses of misery, dreams torn asunder
A faltering of pace nearing the dark, silent group, recognising rejection.
A quick glance to the side and striding across lanes, quick leap on to the median.
Confident, darting ahead finding gaps amidst vehicles; 
a flash like a rainbow on the other side.
A lightning bolt, leaving a searing hole of emptiness, 
a gaping lack of courage inside those waiting for an opportune break in the tide.

                                                                                        Neha Gandhi

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