Friday, 11 April 2014

Words in Motion 2014- Feature Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month

I Want a Pet

I want a pet but,
I don’t have one yet.
You wonder why?
I’ll try not to cry.
I love my dad but we don’t always agree.
Are you surprised, by this, from me?
I want to get a cat, but dad thinks they’re more like rats.
I asked for a bunny, he said they’re too much money.

Next I asked for a cute, cuddly puppy.
He suggested I get guppy,
“A FISH,” I yelled,
That’s not my wish.

I wanted to stamp my feet,
But Dad would think, I was a creep.
When I wondered why
I don’t have a pet, yet.
I started to cry.

I don’t think I will even try…
Cause now, I am dying to have a scaly golden fish.

Vanessa Boakye
Grade 3
Father Turcotte School

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