Saturday, 19 April 2014

Words in Motion 2014- Feature Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month

Wooshing Upon a Star

Our little guy is four years old and he loves his cars and trucks
He likes leather and wood, and electric seats, (he prefers to ride deluxe).
And he’ll push all the buttons and buzzers and switches and anything else that adjusts
But the best of all – and he’ll tell you if you ask – is the bell on a downtown bus.

He doesn’t like the yellow and black ones. “They’re School buses, Dad,” he’ll say.
And he doesn’t really like the oil sands coaches – they take Mommy away every day.
But he loves the idea of big, wide windows and a bell to ring when it’s pushed.
And he’ll ask, as we see them go past our home, “Daddy, let’s take the Woosh.”

He calls them all ‘Wooshes’ and if those are his wishes I haven’t the heart to correct him,
Cause he watches them whoosh by and wishes to know how to ride ‘em or even collect ‘em.
You’re still far too young son, have a Hot Wheels in lieu son, and for now let’s just go out and ride them.
And maybe one day son, then it might be okay son, to get your license and learn how to drive them.

                       Kevin Thornton

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