Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Words in Motion 2014 - Feature Poem for National Poetry Month

Northern Vibration

There is a magic between the snow and the northern light
That makes one forget the brittle tire crunch of a winter’s night, 
The north crawls inside of you, imprinting on your soul
From the flurries of Fort McMurray right up to the North Pole

When eyebrows freeze, and cheeks are crisp,
Just look up at skies blood-red kissed
Ladders of rainbow light dance to a hip hop rift
To make you ignore the waist-high snow drift

Fall into the Wood Buffalo sky, let it breathe into you
Your soul will be cleansed by more than the view
It is purity and art on Heaven’s blank canvas forlorn
Painting the underbelly of clouds ragged and torn

Puffs of cotton cloud soak up heavenly paint
God’s dust cloth redistributes without any restraint
The ache of the north is not of cold and wind
It is an otherworldly painting that settles within…

                                   Patricia Henderson

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