Monday, 28 April 2014

Words in Motion 2014- Feature Poem of the Day for National Poetry Month

Winter Breaks, Spring Fixes

The wan sun, he takes no prisoners
In this, the prolonged, painful, retreat
Forget that here is the winter’s solstice
Dark makes Light all the more sweet

A cup of cider, hot in my closed fist
The drums hammering like a heart
Here I am, sleepily; seeking… soaking
Falling together, as near as falling apart

The musician has his guitar and pick
The poet has her feathered pen
Play on!  Just play.  Teach me something.
Warm me up, and then…?

Here the charge: the synaptic spark
The reason for coming or going
Trying is the only way of being.
Seeking the only way of knowing.

The ice is a pure as it is cold
Its perfection makes it clean.
When you have tasted th’ truth
You will know what I mean

No place can lie even when it says
What you know had been wrong
The brilliant electric aurora borealis
Does her dance.  Sings her song

Up the shining steps, to the holy place
There is where I must, now, attend
Where I find me, in aspects and shades
Where I find you, just you, my friend.

                         Nathan Berube

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