Thursday, 18 April 2013

Words in Motion 2013 - Feature Poem of the Day

Bison, Bison

Bison, bison; why oh bison,
Are you not running on my ground?
Bison, bison; why oh bison,
Do your hooves no longer sound?
Bison, bison; why oh bison,
Can't you run here anymore?
Bison, bison; my, my bison,
I wish I'd seen your herds before.

by Donald Paull
Grade 5, Ecole Dickensfield


Books are fun.
Try every one.
Good for the brain
Like a bun.
Give you power
Like the sun.
Shahmeer is happy
Job well done.

by Shahmeer Awan
Grade 1, Fort McMurray Islamic School

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