Friday, 12 April 2013

Words in Motion 2013 - Feature Poem of the Day

The Saprae Creek Service

The Saprae Creek Service runs only on Saturday.
“Why’s that?” you may ask. “Why not Sunday to Friday”
Well the people who live down there don’t use the bus.
They’re all very rich and they couldn’t be fussed
with walking and waiting. “Why should we,” they scoff.
“The Saturday bus is for Nanny’s’ day off.
We’ll drive ourselves thank you, or be chauffeur-driven.”
Which is really a waste; but they should be forgiven.
For the rich can be silly, they don’t get what I mean,
when I tell them, politely, “My stretch limousine,
cost $1.25.”. It’s a pity that they,
can only enjoy such a ride on Saturday.

by Kevin Thornton

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