Friday, 4 November 2011

Lost Arts

I was wandering the 'an' website (a great resource: and stumbled upon an interesting project taking place in the UK.

Check out the site for more info if your interested:

Lost Arts has been set up by eight unions whose members will be directly affected by cuts to the Arts: the MU, Equity, BECTU, the Writers Guild of Great Britain, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), UNITE, Prospect and PCS.

We are not saying that the Arts are more important than other sectors. We just want to make sure that the effects of these cuts are properly recorded and publicised.

So in order to prevent the effects of the cuts being forgotten over time, we have set up Lost Arts.

Over the next three years to 2015, Lost Arts will:
1) Record and catalogue all of the projects, events, initiatives, performances, organisations and companies that will be lost due to the cuts in public funding.
2) Keep a running total of the money lost to the Arts.
3) And record the jobs under threats.

Anyone who wants to submit information about how they have been affected can do so here.

As soon as we hear about new cuts we will update the Lost Arts website.

Our aim is to show what we could be losing forever, on a day by day basis.

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