Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Learning Throught The Arts Update!

The below content is from an email I recieved from the LTTA team, to view the email in your browser, which will allow you to click on the links it mentions below, click here

Hello Artist Educators
It's been a stellar two months in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools! We've been in dozens of classes witnessing fantastic connections between art and curriculum. With our first newsletter, we want to provide an update on some of the ways that LTTA is connecting in classrooms and the community.

We will be holding New Artist training on Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19 for any artists in the Fort McMurray community who may be interested in working in-class or after school with our program.

On Sunday, November 19, ALL of our artists will be asked to attend. We will be focusing on Understanding your Brain, part 2 and Unwrapping the Mystery of the Language Arts Curriculum.

We adapt our training to the needs that we're seeing among us as we work in the classroom. If you've got an area you'd like to see us target, please let us know!

We're also always looking for new artists who may be a good fit with our program. Pass on our names and numbers if you get the chance.

Please click here for a complete listing of the training schedule.

FMPSD Update.
Our friends at Fort McMurray Public School District are completing some internal shuffling prior to our work starting with them. We have completed most of the orientations for FMPSD teachers and we are prepared to partner artist educators with teachers. You'll receive an update in your inbox as soon as we are in the countdown to blast-off phase.

Our new Facebook page has photos on it. We'll be updating them and posting older photos as we find a couple of hours in the evening with a little extra time. Look forward to videos by Shelley, too. If you've got photos of student work (no student faces please!), please forward them to us and we can post them, too.

Click on the link on the link in the right sidebar to "like" us and you'll be able to see regular updates. You may notice that we're not twittering. Yet.

Community Partners.
Our good friends at Full Circle Mentorship are proud to be in their third year of programming for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students. Their after-school program partners older FNMI teens as mentors with younger FNMI students as mentees. This year, LTTA will be helping support leadership training for the mentoring teens starting with a fantastic retreat/camp on November 18 and 19. Full Circle Mentorship also invites adult mentors to work with the teens. If you're interested in supporting this innovative community initiative, please contact Helen Moore

Elder-in-Residence and FNMI Liaisons
We are thrilled that Hazel Deranger is helping us to pilot our innovative Elder-in-Residence program. Hazel will join artist-educators (Shelley Mac in the first round) in select classrooms to share her cultural teachings and knowledge while we partner with the teacher to tie in the core curriculum. We'll also be working with FNMI Liaisons in FMCSD to partner with our artist-educators in a similar way. As you may remember, our primary objective is to engage students, particularly aboriginal students, in arts-based activities to increase their attachment to the school and to pro-social activities.

After School Programming.
We're creating a buzz at Father Mercredi School next week to kick off our after-school program. If you know of a grade 7, 8, or 9 FNMI student at Father Merc who would like to attend a pizza lunch and arts/cultural session, please pass on his/her name.

Artist Events.
We know that you are all doing great things. We wonder if you all know what each other is creating? Have you been to the exhibit at MacIsland? Have you seen some of the amazing theatre work at Keyano? I hear that in Treasure's studio, paper is being mashed and moulded into something incredible. We'll be adding events contributed by each of you in our next newsletter.

Getting Paid.
Reminder for all artist educators. Placement sheets sent in to head office...attention Laura Blanco...by the 5th of each month will be paid out in that month. Please copy me on any e-mails you send to Laura so that I can follow up on them. If you are having any difficulty with the placement sheets, contact me ASAP! I want to make sure that you are paid for your hard work! If your placement ends early in November and you'd like us to consider paying you out at the end of November (instead of waiting until December), please contact Mar'ce ASAP.

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

Shelley Mac
Mar'ce M

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