Thursday, 10 November 2011

Don't miss Legion Blues

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Last night I had the pleasure of being an interloper on the media night showing of Legion Blues.

Legion Blues is an original play preformed by an intimate cast of three. This story touches on the often taboo topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and some of the potential influences it has had on family dynamics. Set in 1950's post WWII Canada, Legion Blues takes place in the domestic environment of the character's home. 

In an innovative twist, writer/director Michael David Beamish presents the play within his home. Preformed in indie theatre style this dynamic and emotionally charged play places the audience within the home, physically and emotionally.  You can hear the eggs cooking and feel the draft from an open door as the actors move about the kitchen stage. I was totally enthralled by the raw portrayal of this Canadian family struggling to find peace in the context of their own lives.

If you are free for the hour between 8 - 9pm this Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening please do check out Legion Blues, it is a unique experience and a really amazing way to support our local arts community. There is no set ticket fee, just entrance by donation.

Well done, Michael, you are a wonderful story teller. And, thank you to the three actors, Rebecca John, Murray Cullen, and Francis Mennigke, it was a pleasure to watch you work.

I look forward to the next Eye Flower Productions, production! For more information about Legion Blues, or Eye Flower Production please click here or reserve your spot by emailing .


Connor Buchanan

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