Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Conference on Multiculturalism hosted by the Multicultural Association

Multiculturalism: The Contribution of Multi Culture to the Socio-Economic Development and Progress of Fort McMurray; Town Since 1985.

In 1985 the wise men of Fort McMurray crafted the Multicultural Association of Fort McMurray courteously since known as MCA. One of MCA greatest achievements is the ability to contribute to people dialoguing on their culture to make Canada greater pleasant place to live. The partnership of MCA with government on hosting Canada day, among other things brings home the role of bringing nations together as Canadians. Much has happened since then to 2011, 26 years later. To contribute to the debate which Europe and America has dismissed as failure, Multiculturalism, we plan to examine the contributions made by multicultural Association to the community of the Fort McMurray.

Discussion will be centred on:
Is culture in its diversity preserved in community development in the Wood Buffalo Region?
How can the corporate world foster Multiculturalism as community welfare tool?
The footprints of culture: Developing the children and youth in our community neighbourhood.
You are invited to attend, share views or ask questions at this conference. So, as a stake holder in the regional Municipality of wood Buffalo come. Please come!!!

VENUE: GOLDEN YEARS SOCIETY (10111 Main Street, Fort McMurray AB)
DATE : MONDAY 28th November 2011 @ 5:30 through 8:30PM

1. Dr Vincella Thompson: Chair of University Studies, Arts, Education & Social Sciences at Keyano College. Interest among other things includes Cultural Inclusion.
2. Leigh Agozzino-Organ BA, Bed, MA ; Culture Supervisor Community Strategy Branch , Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
3. Riaz Muhhamed Senior Engineer,Board Member Multicultural Association
4. Andrew M Manyevere BA(Hons) M Sc Executive Director MCA: Moderator

The Multicultural Association of Fort McMurray receives grants from the government, the United Way and this particular program is sponsored by the Wood Buffalo Family Community Support Services (FCSS).

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