Friday, 20 January 2012

Narrative Quest exhibition

From the AFA Collection – the Narrative Quest exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum – showing until April 29, 2012

Narrative Quest features a selection of artworks by Aboriginal artists from the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  The exhibition showcases a variety of traditional and contemporary styles in diverse media.  The prevalent themes in these artworks are often based on storytelling.  These are stories that have been shared by the elders, stories of a search for understanding and meaning, stories of identity and belonging, and stories retold to preserve a threatened culture. They are stories immersed in the past, reflective of the present and hopeful for the future.

In 2008 and 2009, the AFA supported a special curatorial initiative focussed on building its collection of contemporary Aboriginal art.  The initiative addressed the work of senior artists not properly represented in the collection as well as a new generation of artists who are now making an impact. 

Narrative Quest is dedicated to the memory of Joane Cardinal-Schubert (1942 – 2009).

We encourage you to check out the Narrative Quest exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum, available to the public until April 29, 2012. For more information go to

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