Monday, 9 January 2012

Heritage Awareness Grant - Deadline February 1, 2012

The Heritage Awareness Grant is offered by the Culture and Community Services Department of the Alberta Government 

This category supports tangible initiatives that promote awareness of Alberta's history and those that have a lasting impact. The following types of projects fall under this category:
  • Innovative educational projects for young Albertans that will increase their knowledge and understanding of Alberta's history.
  • Projects that will promote awareness of Alberta's history through visual, participatory or any other method deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, such as historical videos, broadcasts.
  • Production and installation of interpretive plaques, monuments and markers that provide substantial information about Alberta's history. Commemorative markers providing only names and dates are ineligible for funding.
  • Projects that provide an opportunity for professional development within the field of heritage preservation such as attendance at workshops, seminars or conferences relating to the preservation and interpretation of historic, archaeological or palaeontological resources. Evidence must be provided that attendance is vital to the applicant's career in heritage preservation.
  • Projects that encourage public involvement in heritage preservation issues and promote knowledge about Alberta's history such as the organization and presentation of local or provincial workshops, seminars or conferences. National or international events that take place in Alberta will be reviewed on a case to case basis. Eligible costs include conference materials, speaker's honorarium and travel costs. Costs of providing food and entertainment are not eligible.

Eligible applicants include individuals that reside in Alberta or have a permanent Alberta address; and registered organizations in Alberta.  These include non-profit organizations, corporations, municipalities, churches, schools and other educational institutions, First Nations and Metis Settlements.  
Ineligible applicants include provincial government departments and employees, members of the Foundation's Board of Directors and Friends organizations associated with government owned and operated historic sites and interpretative centres.  

The maximum grant for this category is $5,000.
Application deadlines are February 1 and September 1.  Feb 1 is the primary deadline for conservation grants. 
An initial telephone call to the Foundation is recommended to ensure project eligibility. Please phone 780-431-2300.
For further information, please contact Carina Naranjilla, Grant Program Coordinator, at 780-431-2305 or email  

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