Thursday, 12 January 2012

January's Community Network Interagency Meeting

The Community Network

January 17th, 2012
9:30 am

Provincial Building            Second Floor Meeting Room


1          Call to order:

2          Housekeeping:           -Attendance
                                                -Liberate yourself from your technology
                                                - Guidelines for Sharing
                                                -Reminder to provide rough notes for sharing
                                                - Reminder to pick up promotional materials

3          Presentation:    Leadership Wood Buffalo participants will give abrief presentation on the Social Prosperity Initiative

4          Motions:         2012-01           Intent: Community Adult Learning Council
                                    2012-02           Intent: Write Break Program

5          Sharing:         

6          Next Meeting:                                   

7          Adjournment:

Please Note
  • Presentations during Sharing will be limited to two minutes per agency
  • Rough Notes will be requested from each person sharing
  • (To facilitate more accurate minutes.)
  • You must attend a meeting in order to join the mailing list
  • Only material presented at an Interagency Meeting will be circulated to the membership
Any questions???                Call: Judith 780-792-5627

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