Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Athabasca University offers Heritage Courses

Courses for Heritage Professionals at Athabasca University

Whether you're an aspiring, emerging, or established heritage professional, or a volunteer or amateur history enthusiast, the Heritage Resources Management (HRM) program at Athabasca University has a course for you. There are currently 13 distance-based classes open for registration, ranging from the introductory undergraduate level up to advanced graduate studies, offered either in an undergraduate University Certificate in HRM or a graduate Post Baccalaureate Diploma in HRM.
Two courses are offered in paced format in a conventional September-to-December semester. Both are graduate courses.

HERM 501: Issues in Heritage Resources Management
HERM 542: Issues in Planning Historic Places

The graduate courses HERM 512, (Advanced Methods in Heritage Research) and the final project practicum course, HERM 691, are offered as individualized study courses on continuous offer.

They also have 9 undergrad courses, including ones on preventative conservation, collections, heritage policy, and interpretive programming, among others. These courses are offered continuously, with start dates on the first day of each month.  www.heritage.resources.athabasca.ca 

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