Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More Than Oil-History book of Fort McMurray

Long term resident, Frances K. Jean, recently published a history book of Fort McMurray entitled More Than Oil - Trappers, Traders and Settlers of Northern Alberta.  

Frances moved to Fort McMurray in 1967 and raised her family here.  She's been a supporter of endless community based initiatives and events and has a strong passion for the Region's history.  This passion is well represented in her book as the tone of all her stories and writings are very touching and personal. 

Frances dedicates her book to the memory of her husband, Bernard Charles Philip Jean, who told her she could do anything if she really wanted to.  
More Than Oil is a series of short stories that highlight local people, events, happenings and all other possible topics relating to Fort McMurray.  Frances provides detailed information about many colourful and interesting characters and recalls memories of when her family moved here in the 60's.  

This book is a wonderful read for any interested person hoping to grasp the depth of community and history that is here.  It is a book of wealthy knowledge that I am pleased Mrs. Jean took the time to write.  

More Than Oil is for sale at Heritage Park's gift shop.   
1 Tolen Drive Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1G4(780) 791-7575

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