Friday, 8 April 2011

How do we introduce Public Art?

There are several Municipal and Provincial Government documents that support the growth of culture initiatives as a way of increasing quality of life for Albertans. Public art programs are a key piece in developing a holistic cultural structure for any flourishing community. Each community has the opportunity to approach public art in their own way – now it’s our turn. The direction for developing a Municipal Public Art Program here will be given by the residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. There are several popular approaches to the development of a Public Art Program, all of which include the extensive involvement of and ownership by local residents.

The first step towards introducing public art works in our region is to understand the needs of the community and to translate those needs into the basic principles for a program. The second step is the creation of a volunteer Public Art Committee. Members of such a Committee would include a private citizen, artists, art professionals (arts administrators, curators, historians, architects, landscape architects etc.) a developer, and a citizen at large and other ad hoc members as necessary. The Public Art Committee will collectively represent a vision for public art within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and must function at a high level of professionalism and civic leadership.

For more information about the structure and development of our own unique Municipal Public Art Program, attend the Public Art Action Forum on April 14, 2011.

For more information click here to visit the Municipal web page for the Public Art Action Forum.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

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