Friday, 29 April 2011

Art Experience: Exhibition at the Community Art Gallery

A message from the WBAF:

Art Experience 2011 was an art event on April 3rd organized by the Wood Buffalo Artists Forum at Mac Donald Island Park. The idea was to create a large puzzle made by the Community. The event was open to Children, Youth and Adults. Everyone was invited to create their own piece of the puzzle expressing themselves with colours. The end result was a collective community art work exhibit in Mac Donald Island Community Gallery.

What does Community mean to you? Was a question asked to everyone before starting their piece of the puzzle. Participants responded to the question saying:

"Friendship & doing things together", Mary John
"Do things for each other", Jehy Thompson
"Have fun", Alisha Malik
"Good people", Hunton Tagg
"Friendly people", Qutub Family

The Art Experience 2011 provided the opportunity to everyone to participate in the creation the one Community piece using art. The energy and creativity demonstrated by all who participated in this event made the project a true celebration of the value of our community. Go and see the photographs of the Art Experience and the final result of the art work at MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery. On show until May 9!

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