Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Board Development Program Workshop

Here is an exciting intititatve introduce by the Government of Alberta as a result of the October to December 2010 Regional Dialogue Sessions between Lindsay Blackett and the arts and nonprofit sectors of various communities across AB.

Are you interested in….
Organizing your board's work to avoid volunteer and staff burnout?
Building an effective board/staff/volunteer team?
Developing policies that assist in decision-making?
Clarifying the ethical and legal responsibilities of board leadership?
Consider a Board Development Program Workshop.
Designed to build the governance skills of not-for-profit boards, this "hands on" workshop lets you apply new ideas immediately! You will also take away "tools" to implement an action plan.

Workshops are delivered by trained volunteers who bring their knowledge of and experience in board leadership to facilitate the session. Workshops are held at the dates and location of your choice. Except for booking a suitable facility and equipment, and providing refreshments, there are no costs to your organization.

For more information, contact the Board Development Program staff at 780-427-2001 or

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  1. Hello Friends...

    Board Development Training Program offers members timely, topical, instructor-led board education onsite, at the time and place of your choosing. The program is designed to help you equip your board with comprehensive training and information at a location that best accommodates their busy schedules. Thanks a lot.