Monday, 23 June 2014

#Throwback Thursday @ Canada's History

If you are an active Twitter or Facebook user, you've probably seen Throwback Thursday photos of your friends from years gone by.  You've probably even posted one of yourself sporting that rat's tail or mullet hair due wearing an acid washed jean jacket and holding a Sony Walkman with your favorite mixed tape inside. Well, Canada's History Magazine has put a twist on Throwback Thursdays using historical photos of Canadian events and places.  Each week, an archival photo is posted on Canada's History Magazine Twitter account and people can tweet an answer.  One person is chosen weekly as the winner and given a free magazine subscription.  When the winner is announced, details of the photo are also released as well as links to events and occurrences that relate to the photo.  The latest Throwback Thursday photo showcased the CANOL Project at Fort Fitzgerald in 1942.  During the Second World War,  a pipeline and road were to be constructed that spanned from Norman Wells, Northwest Territories to Whitehorse, Yukon that would secure an oil supply during the war.

Although an American Initiative, the CANOL Project has its own place in our local history.  In 1942, American soldiers arrived in Waterways by train and established a military base where Keyano College is currently located.  The base, known as The Prairie, extended to the Clearwater River.  This base became a staging ground to support the CANOL project and every available local boat and barge was used to transport cargo and equipment to Norman Wells from The Prairie.

The Throwback Thursday, Canada's History Magazine contest is a really neat way to share history and have fun at the same time.   Follow Canada's History Magazine on twitter for your chance to win a free magazine subscription.  And while your having fun guessing the photo, indulge in the historical information that's presented with each photo from the week prior.   #throwbackthursday

This is the photo that Canada's History Magazine tweeted during Throwback Thursday contest on June 19th 

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