Thursday, 10 February 2011

Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton

Please read the following initiative from the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE). Although this is and Edmonton based group they have launched a new initiative that is open to and important for those who consider themselves part of the Alberta arts community.

The below content was taken from the PACE website:

Above Image: An example of the postcards available on the PACE website.

PACE’s number one priority is to advocate for professional artists and arts organizations as a whole within greater Edmonton. We are active during every election – municipal, provincial and federal – impressing upon candidates the importance of the arts to their constituencies, and informing the arts community on where candidates stand on the arts. In between elections, PACE maintains open communications with elected officials and takes actions to mitigate potential threats to the greater Edmonton’s arts community.

PACE’s Advocacy Steering Committee is preparing a multilayered approach to informing our provincially elected officials about the importance of the arts and culture sector in Alberta.

Our first step, in league with a number of arts organizations around the province, is a postcard campaign. PACE is collecting postcards to deliver en masse to the Alberta Legislature. Keep in touch to learn when this will take place. Click here to download PACE’s postcard (Please note that downloaded versions of these postcards will have to be put in envelopes in order to go through the mail, unless you printed them on card stock paper.)

Alternatively you can elect to create your own postcard to send on behalf of your own arts organization. Be sure to send us an electronic version of your postcard so we can add it to our growing collection.

Please feel free to contact us at or 780-485-3085 with any questions or suggestions you may have. The present situation affects all of us.

Thank you,

Arts Advocacy Steering Committee

For more information on PACE and their initiatives visit their website:

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