Monday, 14 February 2011

Learning Through the Arts

Learning Through the Arts is hiring artists to work with Fort McMurray youth in the classrooms and in the community. We are a groundbreaking program from the Royal Conservatory of Music dedicated to transforming classrooms in our school-based programs and changing lives in our community centered programs.

Learning Through the Arts brings specially trained artists into schools who, in partnership with great teachers, create lessons that make core curriculum engaging and relevant. For example, students learn numeracy through dance, literacy through media arts and science through music. In community based programming artists model, encourage and motivate youth and adults to communicate with and through the arts.

What kind of artist are you looking for?
Learning Through the Arts All arts disciplines are invited to apply: music, dance, theatre, puppeteers, writers, storytellers, visual artists and new media (film/video) artists. Our program will be working closely with Aboriginal students and we are particularly interested in talking with Aboriginal artists.

Do I need an arts degree?
No. If you are a practicing artist with a body of work and recognition from a group of peer-artists, we invite you to apply.

What sort of training?
When you join us, you'll receive intensive training that will help you to understand how to combine your art form with core curriculum; it's a challenge, we'll admit, but most artists say the effort makes them better artists and we see the results in the classroom. Amazing. During our training, you'll learn in the way we want you to provide instruction- through movement, visual representation, dramatic scene work and playing with sound. Level One training gives you all the basics you need before partnering with a teacher, writing a lesson plan, and working with students of all ages. With experience in the classroom and a desire to grow as an artist-educator, artists may also be eligible for Level II and Level III training. LTTA is the only provider we've found that values the artist-educator by providing consistent high-standard education for artists.

What's the work like?
Artists who work successfully for LTTA like the flexibility of contract work. Our artists enjoy working with students and can adapt to the different learning styles of the students and the teachers, because our job doesn't just stop at the small desks- we're there to pass our skills onto the adult in the room, too. In fact, that's how we transform schools; the teachers watch what works and they learn how to incorporate it on their own. Our community work will see us working with students in a variety of settings, with the goal of providing engagement, encouragement and mentoring of our arts disciplines. Payment of artists is based on contract and varies depending on the length of the contract and the nature of the work.

How do I get involved?
Send us an e-mail: with a brief introduction:
  • who are you,
  • what's your art form,
  • when are you available to work (days in the classroom, after school, on the weekends in the community, or all three) and
  • why do you want to work LTTA?
We are holding an Orientation/Information.Interview session in Fort McMurray March 7-9th with more information to follow as to times and location.

Can I ask another question? Sure. Contact me I'll provide some answers. You can also go to the LTTA It's full of lesson plans that will show you some of what our artists have done in classrooms all over Canada and some locations internationally.

Thanks for your time and if you know anyone else who might be interested, pass this invitation along!

Nathalie Reid

Learning Through the Arts
Program Leader, Fort McMurray
(780) 838-7478

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