Friday, 11 February 2011

Imagine Canada

This amazing site was brought to my attention by fellow Culture Coordinator, Brandi. Imagine Canada is a must visit site for any non-profit or charitable organization. Below I've copied a few sections from their website for your consideration. For more info please check out their website to which I have added a link just below here. Also, I've added a link to the Imagine Canada site on the right-hand side of the blog under the Canadian Cultural Sector Resources section.

Who We Are
Imagine Canada is a national charitable organization whose cause is Canada’s charities and nonprofits. We support and strengthen charities and nonprofits so they can, in turn, support the Canadians and communities they serve.
We strengthen the sector’s collective voice;
We act as a forum and meeting place; and,
We create an enabling environment in which organizations contribute to building stronger communities.

Advancing knowledge and relationships to foster effective and sustainable charitable and nonprofit organizations.

We believe in a Canada where strong and vital charitable and nonprofit organizations, the private sector and governments individually and collectively contribute to social progress and vibrant communities.

Imagine Canada is the result of a union of two of Canada’s leading charitable umbrella organizations: the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (CCP), and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (NVO).

In 2003, the directors of CCP and NVO realized the sector was changing, and began discussing how Canada’s charities and nonprofits could benefit from one unified organization that built on their respective strengths of advocacy, research and corporate citizenship.

After one of the most extensive consultative processes undertaken to date in the nonprofit sector, Imagine Canada was launched in January 2005.

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