Thursday, 24 February 2011

Exhibition Opening: Frames & More

The second exhibition of the Carol Breen Gallery (located within Frames & More) is open to the public between Saturday, February 26 - and Saturday March 12, 2011.

This show features the work of five local artist/artisans who's mediums range from paint and ceramics to metals and semi-precious stones.

Amy Keller-Rempp: painter/air brush art
Dave McDonald: custom opal jewelry
Barb Howe: pottery/raku platters
Kelvin Huppie: painter
Julie Jones: fine silver jewelry.

Julie will be introduced as the newest artist to join the Carol Breen Art Gallery at Frames and More.

I am looking forward to seeing the work featured in this second exhibition. I am so excited that residence and visitors in town this weekend have the opportunity to see two new exhibitions of local artists.




  1. Very informative blog for finding out all the local goings-on. I linked it to my own blog if you don't mind.

  2. It is a great show at Frames and More! Go see it all. The more art the better!

  3. Hi Way Way Up,

    I'm glad you like the blog, keep us in mind if you know of any events or if you'd like us to cover something thats happening in the Region.