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Royal Tyrrell Museum Palaeo Arts Contest


Palaeontologists use fossils to understand ancient animals and environments. Palaeoartists then help scientists to bring their research to life. Here’s your chance to be a palaeoartist!
The Royal Terryll Museum's annual Palaeo Arts Contest is open to all grade levels, has prizes for every winner, and offers the chance to have your winning artwork displayed at the Museum. This year, their scientists have selected a Lambeosaurus skull to discover and interpret through art!
Students should do research about their topic, then let their imagination go wild by turning what they have learned into an original work of art.

All contest entries must be postmarked, or delivered to the Museum, no later than December 31, 2014.

Lambeosaurus is a type of hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur).
These plant-eating dinosaurs lived in herds and sported interesting crests on their skulls.

For more information on the contest and how to apply, please click here or visit


KINDERGARTEN    Hadrosaur Family 
Palaeontologists think that the head crests of hadrosaurs (duck-billed dinosaurs) got bigger and developed as the dinosaurs grew up. What do you think? Did baby hadrosaurs have crests? Were the crest of males and females different? Draw a Lambeosaurus family showing what features made them the same, and what made them different.

GRADES 1 – 2         Lambeosaurus Locomotion By looking at their fossil leg bones and footprint tracks, palaeontologists believe that hadrosaurs could walk on four legs (quadrupedal), or sometimes run on two legs (bipedal). What do you think? Show how Lambeosaurus got around.

GRADES 3 – 4         Dinosaur Defense
How might Lambeosaurus have protected themselves from predators? By herding? Running away? Calling for help? ShowLambeosaurus defending itself from predators.

GRADES 5 – 6         Head Gear Most hadrosaur species looked pretty similar, but the crests on their skulls were very different. Show how hadrosaurs used their crests. Was it for species recognition? To get a date? Team sports? Playing in a musical band? Perhaps a wacky fashion show? Be creative!

Use whatever artistic medium you like to create a masterpiece inspired by the Lambeosaurus skull. You can paint, draw, sculpt, build, or carve to create your own unique, wall-mounted artwork. Make sure it can be shipped to the Museum for judging. If you win, we’ll put your work on display in the Palaeo Arts Contest gallery for the world to see!

1. Poster categories (Kindergarten to Grade 6)


• You can use any 2D medium you wish! (pencil crayons, paint, chalk, collage, etc.)

Format:• All poster category entries must be sent flat—not rolled or folded.
• They must be on 28cm x 43cm (11” x 17”) ledger size paper.
• The drawing must be oriented horizontally (landscape). 
• The label with your name and address must be attached to the back of the paper.
 See label information on page 5 for complete details.
NOTE: Entries that are rolled, folded, have the wrong orientation, have incorrectly positioned labels, or are submitted on the wrong paper size will be DISQUALIFIED.

2. Open categories (Grades 7 to 12)

 • You can use any 2D or 3D medium you like! (paint, pencil, digital art, sculpture, etc.).

NOTE: Digitally produced entries must be converted to an Acrobat PDF format. Convert the image to CMYK, colours. When saving or exporting to PDF, choose the “optimized for print” setting. Do not choose the screen option.

Format: • The maximum dimensions for the open category are 90cm x 90cm (36” x 36”) 
• Any 3D elements must NOT protrude more than 15cm (6”). 
• Your art must be wall-mountable (No free standing entries, please). 

 Entries MUST be sent to the Museum for judging. You may send your work by mail, or deliver it in person during the Museum’s regular hours of operation. All entries are sent at the artists’ own risk and expense.
 • You must attach the label with your name and address to your entry, but it does not need to be on the front of your artwork. Please, feel free to tell us more about the techniques and materials you used to create your art.

NOTE: Keep in mind; your artwork MUST be delivered to the Museum for judging. So, design and package it accordingly, so it does not arrive damaged

Judging Criteria:
Artwork is judged on:

1) Composition 2) Imagination 3) Artistic skill 4) Ability to follow directions

NOTE: If you want to tell us what inspired you, or more about how you created your artwork, you may attach extra information to the back of your entry for the judges to read!

• All contest entries must be postmarked or delivered to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, on or before, December 31, 2014. The contest is open to students in all countries.
• Students may only enter one piece of art and can only win one prize.
• Only original artwork is eligible. Use references to learn more about your topic, but don’t copy from existing artwork.
• Judging takes place in January 2015 and winners will be contacted on, or before, January 31, 2015.
• “Best Overall” and “Best in Grade” winners will have their entry displayed at the Museum in spring 2015.

ALL ENTRIES BECOME PROPERTY OF THE ROYAL TYRRELL MUSEUM.(So, take a photo of your work to remember it before it is sent to us!)

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