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Happy Canada Day

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Canada Day, Dominion Day and the First of July are all labels that were given to the day July 1 to celebrate the anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867.  This act joined Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec into a single country known as Canada and providing Canada with a large amount of independence from England.  Sir John A. MacDonald is sworn in as the First Prime Minister  and the Canadian Confederation is formed.  

Fireworks will light up the sky on Canada Day all across the Nation. Parades will line the streets of bustling towns and cities.  Face painters, stilt walkers, music entertainers, and much much more will provide a day of family fun and enjoyment and a proud day for all Canadians.

Many communities extend their celebrations to include more then just one day, such as here in Wood Buffalo.   Canada Day festivities officially begin on June 30th with the Canada Rocks celebrations starting at 9:00pm.  Join performing artists such as the Sentimental Gentlemen and more for a night of live entertainment on stage.  The night will end with an AMAZING fireworks show.  Canada Rocks takes place at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre parking lot on MacDonald Island.  

Then on July 1st, the day kicks off with a complementary pancake breakfast by the Multicultural Association at MacDonald Island. The day will be alive with an art market, workshops, a kids zone, dance performances, Mike the Knight and other live entertainment on stage, face painting, henna art and so much more.  Plus, the Canada Day parade will make its way south on Franklin Ave (starting at Morrison St. to Ridel. St) from 11:00-1:00.  

So, as you join your fellow Canadians in waving those little hand held red and white flags in celebration of Canada Day here are some interesting facts about July 1;

  • 1863 - The Battle of Gettysburg began
  • 1873 - Prince Edward Island joins Canadian Federation
  • 1903 - The Tour de France bicycle race made its debut
  • 1881 - Canada and Bermuda are linked by telegraph cable
  • 1908 - SOS is adapted as the international distress signal
  • 1927 - the first national radio hookup was initiated by the Canadian National Railway
  • 1958 - CBC held their first cross-country broadcast 
  • 1966 - The first color television transmission in Canada occurs in Toronto
  • 1972 - The first Gay Pride march takes place in England
  • 1979 - The Sony Walkman was introduced to the world
  • 1980 - The song, O'Canaada, was named the official national anthem 

For more information about Canada Day activities in Fort McMurray and a schedule of events, click here


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