Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Keyano Theatre and CBS Construction Present William Shatner!!

You hear the musical rendition of Star Trek playing on a radio ad as you drive to work.  You hear the buzz around town about a Canadian Legend coming to Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre.  You see your fellow Trekkie’s becoming giddy about an opportunity to just sit in the same room as one of their hero’s.  Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre has reached out where few arts theaters have gone before; they connected with the Sci-fi community by bringing Canadian Cultural Icon William Shatner to town, and I thank them for this. 

I am a lover of the arts. I am also a bona fide Trekkie.  Growing up, my father didn't miss an episode of Star Trek, The Tomorrow people, Dr. Who, and who can forget the twisted and eerie tales of The Outer Limits.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching some of these shows with him, especially Star Trek.  It was ‘my dad and me’ time.  We sat in front of our huge floor television, about the size of a modern day stove, and watched in awe of this amazing team, led by the fearless and humorous Caption James T. Kirk as they explored new horizons and met green people. 

As I got older, various versions of Star Trek appeared on television and of course I watched.  I manifested a love for science fiction and fantasy, falling for shows such as The X-Files, Quantum Leap and Stargate.  One evening as I was switching between shows, I heard Caption Kirks voice; only it wasn’t Caption Kirk.  It was the actor that played him; a little older and more serious, it was an episode of Rescue 911.  I was intrigued and just had to watch, for the love and appreciation I had for this person as Caption Kirk now began to translate into a love for the actor, William Shatner. Was it his charisma; was it his unique way of speaking?  Maybe it was knowing that he was Canadian and he was famous.  Mr. Shatner is a man of many talents.  He has become a successful actor, musician, singer, author, director, comedian and even a spokesperson for many creditable programs and agencies.

On Saturday, March 15th, Keyano Theatre and CBS Construction present William Shatner as their distinguished guest for the Affair of the Arts.  This is Keyano Theatre’s annual fundraiser to assist and support their commitment to the vibrant arts and cultural community.   There will be wine tasting, catered food, a live and silent auction, lobby entertainment and a post-performance celebration.  This intimate evening with William Shatner will be one that is unforgettable and out of this world. 

If you haven’t purchased a ticket, what are you waiting for?  Tickets are $200 and can be purchased at the Keyano Box Office located in Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre, 8115 Franklin Ave. 
Visit http://www.keyano.ca/StudentLife/TheatreArtsCentre for more information.  

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