Friday, 14 December 2012

NorthWord - a Local Literary Journal of Canada's North

Recently, NorthWord held their Annual General Meeting where the group elected there new officers:
Suzanne McGladdery, President,
Jane Jacques, Managing Editor/VP,
Kevin Thornton, Secretary,
Cathy Yard, Treasurer
Kiran Malik-Khan, Media Director.

NorthWord is published by the Northern Canada Collective Society for Writers, a non-profit group based in Fort McMurray dedicated to the celebration of Northern writers and Northern writing.

Including stories, verse and artwork, it is published twice-yearly, under rotating editors, offering the work of artists from the winter margins of Canada and presenting depictions of specifically Northern experience.

 You can find the magazine at local retailers:

• Keyano College Bookstore

• Sunshine Cafe by Mitchell's in Keyano's Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre
• Frames and More
• Fort McMurray Airport kiosk
• Coles Bookstore
• Heritage Park Gift Shop

Visit them on Facebook or find information about the group at:

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