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Capacity Building Program: The Flying Eagle Deadline

Visit the website for Program Guidelines and for more information:

1 May, 1 September and 15 January

Please refer to the Program Guidelines for detailed information.

The Capacity Building Program provides strategic support to Aboriginal arts groups, collectives and organizations. This support is intended to assist the development of administration, financial management and governance structures. The program also provides opportunities for organizational development and professional development.
The Capacity Building Program is composed of the following three components. The Flying Eagle
  1. Annual Project Funding
  2. Multi-year Project Funding 

Component Description
The Flying Eagle component provides flexible short-term support to Aboriginal arts groups, collectives, organizations, independent arts administrators and artistic mediators. Grants may be used for organizational development and professional development.
Proposed activities must advance effective organizational governance and management. They can also aim at professional development in the field of arts administration.
Projects must demonstrate clear potential impact for the applicant organization and (or) individual.


Eligible Applicants
Aboriginal arts groups, collectives, organizations, independent arts administrators and artistic mediators are eligible to apply. Independent arts administrators and artistic mediators must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

To be eligible to apply to this component, applicants must demonstrate a clear commitment to the creation, public presentation and appreciation of Aboriginal arts practices.

Applicants may receive only one Flying Eagle grant in the same Canada Council fiscal year (1 April to 31 March).

Ineligible Applicants
First Nations Band or Tribal Councils or groups directly linked to Band or Tribal Councils.
Educational Institutions (schools, universities).

Eligible Activities
Proposed activities must advance organizational development or professional development. Some examples of eligible activities are:
organizational assessments
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·        <!--[endif]-->development of three-year capacity building plans
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·        <!--[endif]-->participation in conferences or workshops
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·        <!--[endif]-->professional development, including internships and mentorships
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·        <!--[endif]-->hiring coaches, consultants and advisors.

Other Restrictions
The grant period is a maximum of six months.
You may not apply to this program for support of the same activities that appear in any other current request to the Canada Council or that have already been funded by the Canada Council.

Grant Amount
You may apply for a maximum of $4,000. You may not be awarded the full amount that you request.

Generally, this program pays a maximum of $400 each day toward the fees of professional management consultants and (or) advisors.

Further Information
Noël Habel
Program Officer
Aboriginal Arts Office
Canada Council for the Arts
350 Albert Street, P.O. Box 1047
Ottawa ON K1P 5V8
Telephone: 1-800-263-5588 (toll-free) or 613-566-4414, ext. 4178
TTY: 1-866-585-5559
Fax: 613-566-4386

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