Monday, 31 December 2012

Learning Through the Arts seeks Fort McMurray Artists!

What is LTTA?
Learning Through the Arts is an arts education program that infuses art into curriculum. We train artists to become artist-educators: artists who can partner with teachers in the classroom to teach Language Arts, Science, Social Studies or Math. A division of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, we've been in existence for 17 years. 

- We believe that artists, through their artform, can change the way school happens. Our goal is to engage and empower the youth in Fort McMurray's schools. 
- We work with sculptors, dancers, painters, writers, drama/theater artists, jewelry designers, First Nations cultural artists, musicians, singers, filmmakers, and photographers, hip hop dancers, dj specialists, and more!

- We provide FREE training in Fort McMurray for any artists who are interested in working in the classroom. 
- Any time you spend in a classroom with us is paid work- from observing to working in partnership with a teacher. 
- We have an extensive mentorship program and we do our very best to help all artist-educators experience success. 
- We're working with every school in the Fort McMurray Catholic School District and many of the Fort McMurray Public schools. 
- We can provide part-time to full-time work for artists in schools. 

We welcome you to come find out about the community that we've been developing! We have a group of local artist-educators, First Nations Elders and Youth Mentors and mentor artists from Alberta and the rest of the country all working together to make LTTA a Fort McMurray success story.

FREE New Artist Training will be held January 19th and 20th. For more information please contact For more information about the program in general, please see or check us out on Facebook.

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