Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Welcome to the truly diverse WinterPLAY like never before

Welcome to the truly diverse WinterPLAY like never before

WinterPLAY has been with us for a while and it has been drawing people out of the comfort of their homes despite cold weather to entertain, socialize and warm their hearts to the changing dynamics of our beautiful city. It has been ever so successful over the years that this year we will see it span across three weeks from February 14 to March 3.

But what is exclusive and iconic this year is that for the first time ever, we will see a multicultural dimension take the main stage of entertainment in Fort McMurray.

Kudos to David Whitelock, the brain behind the programme that promises to cater to all aspects of our community. Join us as the grand panorama unfolds that is bound to draw, entertain and excite your senses.

The South Asian Art and Cultural Assn of Alberta supports winterPLAY in it's venture into Indian music, dance and culture and welcomes one and all to the experience the diversity of entertainment that is available right here in our community.


Mary Thomas
Fort Mcmurray

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