Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jimmy Rankin: Made Keyano Feel Like Home

Being from the East coast I try to take in any music I can from the home of my heart, Cape Breton. It was not to dissappoint last night. It was an intimate evening with Jimmy Rankin as he performed songs from his new album, "Forget About The World" and from his older albums. He even threw in a few Rankins songs which had the crowd toe tapping and partying like they were in a kitchen on the East coast.

There hasn't been many concerts I've attended that I feel that I have been removed and placed somewhere else, but I did last night. After a few songs I felt like I wasn't in Fort McMurray. I felt like I was in Cape Breton at the Savoy Theater. The energy of the crowd and the enthusiasm for such wonderful talent was heart warming to say the least. He even had an energetic guest dancer that truly showed us how Capers get a move on way up here in Alberta. The crowd danced, sang and truly were part of the performance. The show lasted over two hours and afterword he graciously signed autographs and got pictures with his fans. He may be hittin' the bigtime but he still is a small town Caper that doesn't forget his roots and he shows it through his kindness and enthusiasm for his fans.

Jimmy has just released his fourth solo album, "Forget About The World." He explained why he picked that title last night; he wanted his fans to forget about all the problems in the world for an hour or so and relax and from my experience it works. I would highly reccomend buying his new CD and escaping. As I am sure I can speak for your audience last night when I say, Thank You!!!

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