Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Virtual Museum of Canada

The above image is a screen capture of the site.

Here is a rundown on a newly discoverd resource. I am currently taking an online course through Grant MacEwan University, and as part of our weekly learning modules my instructor often suggests great websites for further reading. This week she introduced us to Canada's Virtual Museum (VMC). It is an amazing interactive site that has something for everyone. Below I have copied some information from the various sections/resources on the website. To take a look for yourself click on the following link. I've also added it to the Canadian Cultural Resource list on the right hand side of this blog.

Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC)
As an endless source of discoveries, virtualmuseum.ca is a unique interactive space that brings together Canadian museum collections and riches in a variety of thought-provoking and instructive contents. It’s your window on current museum news and your reference guide to plan your next outing. Enter your Canadian museum space.

Explore the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC)
Explore Canada’s rich history and culture in the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC). You will find virtual exhibits and interactive learning resources on numerous subjects, created by Canadian museums and galleries. You will also discover local history exhibits that capture exciting Canadian community memories, drawn from the collections of small museums and local memories and treasures.

Image Gallery
The Image Gallery showcases thousands of artefacts, photos, paintings and objects from Canadian museums. Amongst others, it contains the works of the Group of Seven, Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Emily Carr and many other great artists. Find images that match your interests and gain access to various and fascinating thematic associations.

Museums in Canada
Locate over 3,000 Canadian museums, pay them an online visit and find tourist information and cultural offers. Do you feel like shopping? Click on the online Boutique tab and browse through the Selections from Museums of Canada. These services are provided thanks to a partnership between CHIN and the Canadian Museums Association.

Teachers Centre
Simple, fun, fascinating and, above all, educational!
The Virtual Museum of Canada's new online learning centre is for teachers and students. It provides access to museum collections in the form of digital learning resources created by educators and museum professionals. It is trustworthy, bilingual and full of content from the fields of art, science, social studies, and more.

Teachers:Craft lesson plans by drawing from authoritative and copyright free texts, images, audio clips, animations and video clips of museums' treasures.

Students:You're invited to learn, create and interact with your teacher and classmates in this secure, moderated, and user-friendly domain.

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