Friday, 25 March 2011

Growing Vegetables

When I lived in my apartment down town I pondered the idea of growing your own very small vegetable garden. I longed for fresh herbs... but  all of my potting attempts ended quickly and the result was almost always a very sad plant skeleton.

But, fear no more my fellow un-green thumbs! Alberta Health Services together with Woodland Garden Society will be holding a free educational session. If you have limited outdoor space – come and learn how to grow vegetables in containers.

Session will occur on Monday March 28th 2011 from 7pm to 8 pm at the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre. For more information please contact

I look forward to any future program that focus on outdoor vegetable gardens.  I now have a yard (undeveloped and screaming for vegetation) I would love to attempt a full vegy garden... I know I will need some professional help or I may ended up with a full plant graveyard.

Let me know how the session goes!

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