Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Public Operations is on Facebook

The Public Operations Department (previously Public Works) has created a Facebook page to provide the public with news and information about what our department does, and help make people more aware of the breadth and depth of the role that Public Operations plays in the municipality.

There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes that are a lot more interesting than might be assumed. For example they recently lent the organizers of the Wheelchair Rally one of our SMART (Special Mobility Assistance Required Transportation) Buses, which they used to register participants - and keep everybody warm (it was very cold, with a bitter wind, that day). As well, Public Operations Director Glen Smith, Transit Manager Jawed Malik and Jeff Sheehan of the Fleet Branch entered the competition as a team (pictured above). Transit Supervisor Carolyn Wozniak was a member of another team.

Another aspect about Public Operations that resident's might not be aware of is that it is responsible for all of Fort Chipewyan's municipal presence - the operation and maintenance of the community airport, town roads and streets, landfill, water treatment plant, sewage lagoon, water distribution and sewer collection systems, municipal buildings, rural roads and the winter road. So, they are interested in anything that happens in Fort Chip and, of course, all of their employees there are residents themselves.

With this Facebook page they are hoping to get opinions and feedback from the public so that the department can deliver services in the most effective manner possible. They encourage people to make comments or ask questions on the Facebook page.  


Specifically, right now there is a snow removal survey posted. I think we all as residents of this region have an opinion on snow removal - and the department that handles that aspect of our lives is, want to know what people truly think and need. That survey can be accessed, as well, via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8YFW83F

Photos  and  the update are courtesy of Public Operations employee, Barbara Aarsteinsen.

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