Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Artist in Residency Program

As the above poster is a bit tricky to read in this format, here is the information again:


WHO: Emergent and mid-career artists

WHAT: Canadian artists are invited to participate in The Artist in Residency Program, the first of its kind to be held in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. This residency is geared towards emergent and mid-career artists, but only proposals in the following mediums can be accepted for the 2011 program: Painting (acrylic & watercolour), Digital media, Drawing and Textile and Fibre Arts. The benefits to the successful applicants include a dedicated studio space (with no associated fee) and activities that will include an artist talk (15-20 minutes) event, open-house demonstrations and the showcasing of their artwork in a group exhibition to be held in Fort McMurray

WHERE: The region’s first Artist in Residency program is being hosted in Fort McMurray

WHEN: The program commences on June 6, 2011 and continues for three months

WHY: The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is strongly supportive of the diverse cultural and artistic communities that thrive within its boundaries

HOW: Submit an application to the Artist in Residency Program that meets nine criteria as described on the Municipal website, or contact:

Connor Buchanan
Culture Coordinator
T 780.788.4335
C 780.792.4375

The following images are the program description and application information. Please visit the link above which will take you to the municipal website to view these files as pdfs.