Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter Cities Shake Up 2015

This coming January, Edmonton will take its place on the world stage of winter cities as host of the Winter Cities Shake-Up - an international conference on making winter way cooler!  

The Winter Cities Shake-Up (www.wintercitiesconference.com) is an international conference on all the ways we can improve the quality of life in winter cities. It’s an opportunity to share best practices, think outside the box, and network with delegates and speakers from winter cities around the world. The conference will take place January 28 – 30, 2015. It’s also a great occasion to showcase Edmonton’s leading edge winter initiatives: from cold-climate construction to urban planning, and from internationally recognized winter festivals to our city’s award winning WinterCity Strategy. 

What is the Winter Cities Shake-Up?
Winter Cities Shake-Up 2015 is a conference for people who live in winter cities and want to improve their communities’ quality of life year-round, but especially in the winter. For three days in January 2015, international experts in many areas, including designers, artists, and civic leaders, will gather in Edmonton, Canada to present findings and share experiences in one of three areas:

  • Winter Fun - there are lots of outdoor activities that can bring in all types of people - even those who think they'd rather hibernate in winter. Find out how to program inviting, accessible activities and try some of them out yourself. 
  • Winter Design - explore how we can plan and design our cities so that streets and public places are warmer, more fun and easier to get around in during winter months. 
  • Winter Business - from companies that are finding great economic value in locating to a winter city, to how people are marketing the cold season as one of their community's greatest assets, discover how winter economies can hold great untapped potential for urban centres.

When and Where is the Winter Cities Shake-Up?
January 28-30, 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the Shaw Conference Centre

Who Should Attend the Winter Cities Shake-Up?
Anyone interested in winter urban life. Urban planners and designers, community members, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, government, business people, academics; this is an interdisciplinary conference that takes a holistic approach to all the great things winter has to offer. We've invited more than 400 guests from many different countries, and have speakers coming from Finland, Denmark, Japan, the United States and Canada. If you live in Edmonton and want to take in just some of the conference, you can register for one or two days only. 
To register for the conference, go to: http://www.wintercitiesconference.com/registration-accomodation/.

For more information on the following components, please visit the corresponding links:

  • Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy:                http://www.wintercitiesconference.com/about/   
  • Program:                                                     http://www.wintercitiesconference.com/program/ 
  • Registration & Accommodation:                http://www.wintercitiesconference.com/registration- accomodation/ 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities:                         http://www.wintercitiesconference.com/sponsors/   

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