Friday, 12 December 2014

Keyano College’s New Art & Design Certificate Program

If you are an artist pursuing a career in the arts or just looking to enhance your skills, registration is now open for Keyano College’s new Art & Design Certificate program. This one year, intensive program establishing art and design fundamentals begins September 20th. A portfolio is not required for admission. This program allows students to gain experience in areas like printmaking, drawing, and design fundamentals.

“Our program is unique in Alberta and will help students develop a comprehensive portfolio that can be used to apply to any Art and Design program in North America,” said Catherine Koch, Keyano College’s Vice President, Academic.

“This certificate program will help students acquire the skills for a career in any number of creative fields including architecture, graphic designer, art therapist, interior design, or animator,” said Erin Schwab, Visual Art and Design instructor at Keyano College. “We have a world class studio setting for art and design and highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to empowering the creativity of our students.”

Students who complete the Art & Design program will be eligible to transfer into year two of a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Design degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design. For those choosing to study at another school, all of the Art and Design courses transfer to any number of degree programs at post-secondary institutions in Canada.

To discuss admission requirements, learn more about the program or arrange for a visit to our state of the art facilities please email

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