Thursday, 4 December 2014

Have Your Say!

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is developing an Indoor Recreation and Community Facilities Master Plan.  Your input is needed to ensure that the Master Plan fully addresses the residents of Wood Buffalo.

Indoor recreation facilities are spaces and buildings that are open to the public for recreation activities – those activities that we do in our free time (leisure)that includes physical activity, skill development, relaxation, socializing with others, for example. Because recreation activities are those that we do in our leisure time, recreation facilities are often also referred to as leisure facilities.Examples of recreation and leisure facilities include public meeting spaces, museums, galleries, and facilities that are related to specific sports including arenas, pools, fitness rooms, curling rinks, squash courts etc.

Indoor community facilities are spaces and buildings that primarily serve the local neighbourhood and/or community. This can include facilities such as libraries, community halls, meeting spaces, and schools, but also more specialized facilities that may serve the whole community such as performing arts centres.

Indoor recreation, leisure and community facilities are usually publicly owned.There are also privately owned facilities - fitness centres are a leading example. The Indoor Recreation and Community Facilities Master Plan recognizes the role of private operators and the need to plan for where and how to best work with the private sector. However, the emphasis in this survey is on facilities owned and/or operated by the public, non-profit, and institutional sectors.

Your responses are considered CONFIDENTIAL - no individual respondents will be identified publicly through the results. This survey should only take about 20 minutes of your time. Thank you!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the survey, please contact Tina Noble at or 1-416-363-4443 x21.

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