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ASA Call for Submissions- Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are enjoyed and considered pleasurable even though the pleasure is often accompanied by the guilt or embarrassment of someone else finding out about your “secret”. Do artists have guilty pleasures?  Of course they do. Things like junk food, music, video games, book tastes, films, etc. are all examples of guilty pleasures all people experience.  In addition, for the artist, it could also be about colours he or she uses in their work, the mediums he or she chooses, the topics, and the tools. This exhibition gives you, the artist, an opportunity to reveal part of yourself through your art which shares something about what gives you pleasure at the same time you may feel somewhat reticent about sharing with the public. In this exhibition, the artist must present a description that shows both the pleasure and describes the guilt associated with the experience. 

The Society will invite all artists residing in Alberta and all ASA members to submit their work to the exhibition Guilty Pleasures. The exhibition intends to showcase a variety of artistic media where artists explored an introspective, a deconstructed or literal exposure of a guilty pleasure.

For further information and to apply, please go to


There are currently no venues booked for this exhibition. However, the ASA is currently submitting the exhibition to prospective venues. Accepted artists will be notified of all exhibiting venue locations and dates once negotiations are solidified. 


Deadline for Submissions: December 31, 2014 
Notification of Acceptance: January 23, 2014


1.  Eligibility: 

  • All artists must be 18 years of age or older. Open to all artists residing in Alberta and all ASA members and supporting members 

2.  Exhibition Information: 

  • Artists may not have submitted this artwork previously for consideration into any other ASA exhibits. 
  • Artists may not have exhibited this artwork previously in Alberta, and may not exhibit the work elsewhere before the exhibit takes place. 
  • The theme is Guilty Pleasures – up to the interpretation of the artist while adhering to the Overview in this Prospectus. 
  • Artist gives permission to ASA to hold work for up to 2 years as we look for other venues for the exhibition. 
  • Two pieces of artwork can be submitted per artist. 
  • Date of Artists' Reception to be determined. While the primary purpose of this exhibition is educative, the ASA will accept both works for exhibition only and works for sale. 
  • Any sale arising from this exhibit will have a commission not to exceed 50% of the value of the work. 
  • The commission is dependent on the requirements of each venue. 
  • Notification of the results of the jury will be by email. 
  • Hanging and take down dates and times to be determined. Incomplete submissions will not move to jurying phase. 
  • Jury results are final; artists will not receive feedback or comments from the jury. 

3. General Submission Information

Each submission must contain the following: 

  • Completed and signed application form. Applications can be submitted by mail or through the ASA website. Please visit to print application or submit online. 
  • Include the jury fee of $25 made out to The Alberta Society of Artists. 
  • Please Note: submissions will not move to the jurying phase until the cheque has been received if submitting by mail.  Online payments may be made by Paypal. Check website for instructions. A 100 word artwork statement related to the piece submitted. Artist's CV of no more than 3 pages that describes education, exhibition history, art organization memberships, the image as described in the format described below that adheres to the exhibition's theme. 

4.  Image Requirements: 

  • Entries must be submitted online through the ASA website or as digital files burned to a CD. Entries must conform to the guidelines as follows: 
  • Artwork may not have been created as part of a class or a workshop. 
  • Files and images submitted on a CD must include a signed hard copy of application form. Each image file must be in JPEG format and should not exceed 3 MB in size.  
  • Please ensure that all image files are correctly oriented.
  • Image files must be clear of frames, walls, borders or any other backgrounds. Images should be of the artwork only; no date stamps, no watermarks, no copyright symbols, or any other elements should be present that will obstruct the visual field. 
  • If submitting online, a scanned or filled out entry form must be uploaded as a word document or PDF document labeled as: FirstName_LastName_Submission.doc or .pdf. 
  • Artists must include an artwork statement that does not exceed 100 words. 
  • Image files should be appropriately labeled: LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg. One extra detail image file can be presented for 2-D artwork and labeled: LastName_FirstName_Title_Detail.jpeg. 
  • 3D Pieces can provide up to 4 images to present the 360 degree view of the work: LastName_FirstName_Title_1.jpeg. 
  • Diptychs and triptychs must be submitted in one file showing how the pieces work together and individually as image files labeled: LastName_FirstName_Title_A.jpeg and B.jpeg. 
  • Label the CD with your name, exhibit you are entering and telephone number. 
  • All submission elements must be received at the same time including the jury fee.  


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