Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Rules and Regulations

 All ages are invited to apply.  Applicants under the age of 18 must have the written permission of their parent or guardian. 

All contestants must be amateur performers residing in Wood Buffalo at the time of the competition. 

Contestants must arrive at the venue no later than 60 minutes before the official start of the Illuminate Talent Search.  This check-in period will give you an opportunity to touch base with the stage manager regarding your technical requirements.  During this time organizers will also determine performance order by random draw.   

Performances must be no longer than 4 minutes in length.  Contestants can choose to repeat their selection, or present something new should they advance to the final.  

This is not intended to be a competition for bands that require extensive set-up.  Participation will be up to the sole discretion of the organizers. 

Contestants must make themselves available for both rounds of the competition. As this is a family-friendly event, content must be appropriate to an all-ages audience.  Performances that include offensive language or content that is deemed inappropriate will be disqualified and asked to vacate the stage. 

At the conclusion of the performance, contestants will be asked to stay on stage to hear the comments of our judges. At the conclusion of the preliminary round, the judges will determine which performers will be invited to advance.  That announcement will happen 10 to 15 minutes after the conclusion of the final performance of the day. 


 MacDonald Island Park - entertainment stage at Sustainival 


 Preliminary Round: Saturday, August 30 
Check-in Time: 11:00 am  | Competition starts:  12:00 pm 

Final Round: Sunday, August 31 
Check-in Time:  11:00 am  | Competition starts:  12:00 pm 

1st Prize - $2,500
2nd Prize - $1,000
3rd Prize - $500
Big Spirit - $500 (for outstanding attitude)
Spotlight - $500 (for outstanding potential) 

For questions or more information email: IlluminateYMM@gmail.com

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