Monday, 25 August 2014

Auditioning for Your Dream Role

Keyano Theatre Company is looking for new talent for their upcoming season.  Auditions for the Broadway sensation Cabaret is happening September 5, 6, 7 (Fri-Sun).  Now take a moment and close your eyes and imagine yourself behind the curtains waiting to make your debut on the Keyano Theatre stage.  It’s a full house teeming with anticipation. The final announcement plays, cellphones are quickly shut off, and the house lights fade to black. Blanketed in darkness the audience becomes one silent shadow. Suddenly a spotlight magnifies center stage, a bright beam of white light, a tunnel between reality and imagination. Called to the light you step onto the stage and as you enter the bright ring you TRANSFORM as the character inside you comes to life! You open your mouth but it is not you who is talking but someone else speaking the words you worked so hard to memorize. The audience breathes and moves as one and you feel completely connected to them; a connection you have never experienced before. Together you enter the world of the play, explorers on a voyage through fantasy.

 It is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world to be on stage. It turns adults into children where one can let go of the everyday and play. To get to this magical place takes a lot of work and a lot of courage but it all starts with the audition. The audition is the hardest part, but once you accept the process as an enjoyable one – you will have no fear. Most people fantasize about the stage but many cannot take that first step out of fear. If you are interested in acting but are too scared to audition then here are some helpful tips to get you onto the stage and performing in your dream role.

1: Read the play you are auditioning for – learn the story that you will be telling.

It is crucial that you like the play you are auditioning for and that you have an idea of who you want to play and why. Knowing who you want to play in the show will help you in picking a monologue appropriate to the play. It is important that the character you are playing in your audition piece is similar to the character you want to play in the show. That way the director will have an idea of how you would perform in your desired role.

2: Pick an audition piece you like.

When picking an audition piece it is very important that you like it and enjoy the character you are playing. The more fun you have, the better you will be on stage.  If you are wondering where to find a monologue you can look up plays at your local library or use the resources from Theatre Alberta. Theatre Alberta has a huge collection of plays and audition pieces that they can mail to you for free if you become a member. Don’t worry it’s easy and affordable. You can also find scripts online. Below is the link to Theatre Alberta and to some great sites online. You can also use a monolog from your favorite movie; just make sure that it is over a minute.

3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
To prepare is to be aware. The more you prepare the better you will be. Have fun, try different body positions, different ways of speaking, and let your imagination run wild! It is your time to play! 

4. Presentation of YOU
Dress for an audition in a way that makes you feel your best and also has you prepared for any movement/dance.

5. Please Remain Calm!

Being nervous is normal. It is part of the excitement of performing but it is when those nerves take over causing you to freeze up then they become a problem.   The secret to a great performance is your ability to remain calm and relaxed. A great way to do this is by bringing something to distract yourself while you are waiting your turn to audition. Also yoga helps to calm the nerves. Think of your audition as a small performance, your own personal play starring you.  Again have fun and don’t be intimidated by the artistic crew. They are there to meet you so just be yourself and don’t try to make a good impression. Confidence comes from being, yourself.  Also the director may ask you to perform the piece again or in different ways. This is a good sign, it means they are interested in you so just go with the direction he or she suggests to you. They are looking at how well you take direction and how easily you are able to try something new. 

6.  Make connections

Everyone you meet on the day of your audition is a new friendship opportunity presented to you on a silver platter. Connect with the people around you and share your thoughts and ideas – if you end up working on the show together you will be doing this 4-5 days a week and the friendships forged in the theatre process can be deeply rich and rewarding.

7. Treat yourself. 

Once the audition is over go out and treat yourself because you earned it. Regardless if you get the role or not you have done something that most people are too scared to do. You earned a treat.

8. The Call Back.

Waiting to hear back about a role can be arduous. It is best to push it to the back of your mind and forget about it. If you do not get the part you did NOT fail. Directors are looking for a specific look and interpretation of the characters when they are casting a role. There are many elements that they are casting for and unless you can read minds it is impossible for an actor going into an audition to know the vision of the director. All you can do is be yourself and enjoy performing your audition piece. The rest is up to the artistic crew and the theatre gods.


If you are interested in acting and want to audition for a play, Keyano Theatre Company is currently auditioning for Cabaret, September 5, 6, 7 (Fri-Sun).
Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) is a volunteer company of real people, real stories and real performances enriching the spirit of community theatre. They are committed to providing meaningful, relevant and quality entertainment.
Please visit their website at for more details. 

Break a leg and have fun!

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