Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Creative Cities Network of Canada Membership Extension

Have you ever heard of the Creative City Network of Canada?  well, its an online community of everything culture.  From public art policies, heritage revitalization plans, culture mapping and more, this online portal has an endless amount of shared documents and examples from cities and towns all across Canada. Up until this year, this wonderful cultural resource was only available to Municipalities and Town Administrators. The Creative City Network team has just announced an extension of their membership to include organizations and individuals that work within the cultural industry. There is a membership fee to use this portal but the fee is actually very minimal compared to the wealth of information that can be shared, used and studied.  The purpose of Creative Cities is to promote the cultural achievements of communities, cities and towns across Canada as well as to share information to assist you in your cultural initiatives; why re-invent the wheel so to speak. There are plans, policies, strategies, site studies, mapping projects, and even comparisons, all written by and for towns across Canada that have or are in the process of creating and sustaining cultural initiatives.  The following information was taken from the Creative City Network website announcing the membership expansion.

CCNC is Expanding its Membership Opportunities!

The CCNC is pleased to announce a new membership category! In addition to continuing to offer voting membership to municipalities across the country, any individual or organization involved in the growing field of local cultural development will have the opportunity to become a non-voting member.

Organizational Membership:
*This membership includes on contact from your organization.  Each additional member will receive a 5% discount.
Membership Type2014 Membership Fee
Organization$145 + tax

Individual Membership:

Membership TypeMembership Fee
Individual Membership$145 + tax
Full-Time Student Membership$30 + tax
Artist Membership$75 + tax
The 4th Act Membership (ages 60+)$90 + tax

*Full-Time Student, Artist and 4th Act memberships are individual memberships offered at a discounted rate.
*Please Note: both the Organizational and the Individual membership categories are non-voting.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact the Membership Services Coordinator Anna Whelan, at anna@creativecity.ca or visit www.creativecity.ca

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