Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Art Exhibit & Sale at Keyano Art Gallery

The Secret Garden Art Exhibit & Sale will be open in the Keyano Art Gallery during all performances of Les Misérables
Feb 13-15 • 12pm–11pm
Feb 18-23 • 12pm–11pm

The Artist
Jonathan Havelock is a self-taught photographer who first started exhibiting in 2009.  The unique look of his work is the result of countless hours of creative effort in the field and at his studio.  His goal is to create a two-step process in the enjoyment of each image - to have the viewer first explore the medium of the piece (i.e. oil vs. photography – flat vs. texture, etc.) – and then to appreciate the piece based on its merits as a reflection of our natural world.

The Secret Garden Theme 
The Secret Garden provides an intimate and unusual perspective of plants and flowers.  Subjects have been presented to accentuate contrast, light and depth – to attract and draw one into an imagined garden of beauty and colour.

His work can be viewed on his website at

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