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Multicultural Association - Upcoming Programs and Events 2013

Hi Friends,

The hot summer months might seem slow for community events and initiatives but for Social Profit Organisations, this is planning season for the entire calendar of events. At the Multicultural Association, we have a slew of events and programs planned.
Some of the initiatives of the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo for the year ahead

Rural Italian Cuisine Demonstration – September 21 at Holy Trinity Food lab 

International Cookery sessions run once a month(except during summer months) with each session demonstrating and sharing a new region’s cuisine.

Cross Cultural Parenting Program – Saturdays starting September 21 1-5pm at the Multicultural Assn Boardroom, First United Church 

Parenting styles differ in different cultures. The cross cultural parenting program helps parents to come together, share experiences and develop best practices from each other and from the trained facilitators. This is a 7-week free program sponsored by the RMWB, for all residents.

Alberta Culture Days - The World meets in Wood Buffalo dance showcase – September 28/29

For the Alberta Culture Days weekend, MCA hosts The World meets in Wood Buffalo dance showcase of diverse cultural groups performing on one stage. There is an opportunity for all multicultural cooks to cook up a feast for the audience; a fundraiser for the MCA. For more info call us: 780 791 5186

Health and Wellness Program – once every month starting October

The Health and Wellness program is targeted to help the community make healthy decisions and food choices in collaboration with Alberta Health Services. Also planning other safe community initiatives targeting newcomers to the community. 

MCA Newsletter, Confluence – Quarterly Starting October

A quarterly online newsletter is an opportunity to present the latest developments and initiatives of the MCA and a great medium for inspiring and engaging the community. Essays, poetry and art work illustrating the beauty of our multiculturalism ideas and suggestions may be sent to info@multiculturefm.org 

Human Rights Day – December 10

December 10, marks the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights developed in 1948. The Multicultural Association in partnership with the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission and Victim Services offers workshops on how to prevent and resolve complaints involving discrimination and build inclusive workplaces. 

Multicultural EXPO – February 22, 2014 – Nexen Field House

The MCA Expo was designed to enable the celebration of diverse cultural expressions making it accessible to the mainstream community and creating opportunities for dialogue and understanding between diverse cultures.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (STOP Racism Day) – March 21, 2014 - Miskanaw Ballroom

In 1960, 70 peaceful anti-apartheid demonstrators were shot and killed in South Africa. In 1966, the United Nations commemorated this day to counteract racial discrimination. Canada initiated its first campaign in 1989. The Multicultural Association works with RACIDE, Victim Services, the community and schools to create initiatives to illustrate the adverse effects of racial discrimination and help prevent racism and hate crime. 

Welcoming new Canadians – June 6 at the Royal Canadian Legion

In collaboration with Citizenship and Immigration, MCA hosted the welcoming ceremony of 150 new Canadians this year celebrating with them, their new identity. 

Canada Day Pancake Breakfast and Culture Parade – July 1 - Boys and Girls Club 

In partnership with Suncor, the Boys and Girls Club and various other sponsors, the Multicultural Association delivered breakfast to over 600 Canada Day Parade viewers with a range of multi-cuisine choices.

Hoping we will be able to get these into the Calendar for the year!

Thanks and regards,

Mary Thomas

Executive Director
Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo
10003 Gordon Avenue P.O Box 52988
Fort McMurray, AB T9H3G3
Tel: 780 791 5186 Fax: 780 791 5189

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