Thursday, 9 June 2011

Centre for Youth Development & Mentoring Services

Centre for Youth Development & Mentoring Services is a community based non-profit organization operated exclusively by volunteers and members of the community that focuses on the development and empowerment of equity seeking and racialized youth in the Toronto GTA area.

Our Vision
The vision of CYDMS is to inspire, empower and develop our youth to achieve their full potential and become productive citizens that contribute positively to society.

Our Mission
The mission of CYDMS is to provide a foundation for achievement and success among equity seeking and racialized youth living within GTA communities by directly providing educational, recreational, violence prevention, leadership and mentorship programs, and instill a sense of social responsibility.

Our Philosophy
We believe that by engaging youth in their own development, and by providing inspiration, learning opportunities, a healthy environment and positive interactions, youth will develop the self-esteem and life skills that they need to succeed, and to resist the negative forces in their lives.

The 4C Formula:
  1. Confidence: having a sense of self-worth based on one’s ability to make choices and take initiative.
  2. Character: having a sense of responsibility and accountability, the ability to thrive despite adversity.
  3. Competence: having the ability and motivation to master sound educational and vocational skills to earn a living.
  4. Contribution: becoming civically minded and wish to contribute ideas, time and talents to better your community.
Abdifatah Warsame is a highly motivated counselor, leader, and organizer with a passion for working with under served populations and youth in general. Abdi has an extensive background in youth program development and implementation, youth counseling, grassroots community organization and civic engagement.

Abdifatah is also a Community Parent Educational Program (COPE) trainer and leader. He has conducted many trainings, community workshops, and conferences covering issues that pertain to youth. He has participated in Toronto’s Mayor, David Miller’s Hand Gun band initiative, and was proponent and advocate for solving problems through dialogue and negotiation.

Abdifatah specializes in working with youth involved in the juvenile justice and constantly mentors them at correctional facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. Abdifatah Warsame came to Canada as a young man and draws from his experiences in growing up in this country to mentor, engage and work with youth. He is the Co-founder of Centre for Youth Development and Mentoring Services ( CYDMS ).

Said Dirie completed his B.Com at Delhi University, India, in 1986. He then immigrated to Canada where he attended York University and obtained a B.A. in psychology, Honors degree in Social Work and Masters in Social Work. Said conducted and facilitated many workshops on conflict resolution and lectured at Wilfred Laurier (Social Work graduate students). He also presented at York University on areas of Anti Oppression and Anti Discriminatory Practices and issues of Social Justice.

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